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  1. The black pole would have been bigger.
  2. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2020/07/20/could-this-championship-beat-covid-19/ So how can you have or call yourself a North American Championship when the other parts of North America can't compete? Keep the regatta fine... just take the North part off and make this the American Championships.
  3. From that Era you could try the C&C 27 or 29, decent sailing boats, with ratings you can work with. If you can find an Express 30, not to many built... but the Goman Built Express (Killing design) boats were/are still very competitive and comfortable.
  4. So, Why haven't any of the cup teams developed foiling chase-boats instead of traditional RIBS... To me it seems like if you want a real "trickle down" business plan to make this more sustainable, the foiling chase / jury boats make a lot of sense...
  5. What about the forward part of the boat going back to what the Hobie tri-foiler used... the Skid Plates or cut down surf boards...
  6. I think there is an argument to be made for long term crew / very regular crew should be encouraged to join the club they are spending a lot of time at. for example if a crew member is spending two evenings a week plus 10 weekends a year sailing with their friends at the YC. They should join the YC. More members, better facilities and better social environment, call it a social membership / crew membership or what ever.. but to have some teams be regular crew for years without joining the club is wrong. When you join the club, you become an advocate and part of the community
  7. Looking at the boats foiling and wondering what is the advantage of the extra hull in front of the forestry and behind the traveler. is it purely for the 2% of time when they are in the water? I understand the behind the traveler section for extending the rudder behind the boat in order to stabilize the platform , but couldn't this be done for a % of the weight by using carbon tubes and trusses (similar to what I14s do) And for the bow, it seems like all the teams have abandoned the need to have a "0" or what ever they are being called now... so isn't that just carrying around extra
  8. In watching the videos of the big multi-hulls and especially the boats that are foiling, the streamlining and aero performance measures are becoming more important as the boats go faster and faster. But in all the designs I haven't seen any that have incorporated "flaps" onto the rear wing. When the boat is doing sustained 30+ knots, couldn't you use the down / up force to the boats advantage?
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