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  1. Thought I would report back on this. I liked the idea of the truck bed liner, but I couldn't find it in anything but black, and that would be hot on the feet! So, I ended ordering Interlux "Interdeck" and Interlux "Epoxy Primekote". I sanded the top surfaces and edges to remove the previous paint finish. Two of the floor boards have wooden battens to stiffen them that were attached with screws. These have been a bit problematic, so I removed these and sanded them clean. I then epoxied the battens back in position, with the screws basically acting as the clamps. Once cure
  2. Timely topic. We have a mostly Raymarine system that might be 15 years old - W/S/D and 7000+ autopilot. Chartplotter is a more recent Garmin. Nothing is integrated. iComm VHF doesn't have AIS. No radar. Mast displays are dying. I have been impressed with the feedback on B&G gear. I like @LionessRacing list of capabilities. My view is simple is better. So small chartplotter at helm, small chartplotter at nav station. AIS and radar integration would be great. Instrument/pilot integration a must. I am also thinking of following the setup used by many of th
  3. Glad you are enjoying it. Yes we are likely 4:1 or so when we make a latte. Bialetti has a milk frother that goes on your stove. So on one burner, we have the mocha pot, and the frother on the other. Nice morning ritual.
  4. @estarzingerWhat's your take on the coffee from the moca pot? We typically make a latte style coffee. We have the 4 cup model and it makes 4 nice lattes. Keeping crap off the boat is a constant battle. I have tried to institute a one-on one-off policy, but the Admiral and crew seem to find ways past this rule. At the end of this season we are hauling the boat somewhere new for a bit of work. I am going to use this as an excuse to empty everything off the boat. Every locker. Every drawer. Under every floor board, berth, etc. Cockpit lockers. Everywhere. Then in the next spri
  5. It is strong coffee. Close to espresso. We use it on our boat and camping. Mixed with hot water for an americano style coffee. Or hot frothy milk for a latte. As the coffee is essentially condensed steam, it is screaming hot coming out of the moca-pot. The 'cup' measure Bialetti uses to size their moca-pots I find generous, or perhaps for those who can handle lots more caffeine than me. We use a medium or fine grind of beans. Extra-fine is too small and you get too many grinds in the coffee. Lots of Youtube videos on how to use it. However, bottom line is it makes really good
  6. Agreed. Only maintenance part is a rubber gasket - it's on Amazon, so easy to get and change.
  7. All: I am in the process of a 5 or 6 year maintenance phase on our Zodiac inflatable. I had a new keel strip installed. Big cleaning. Now I am looking to repaint the floor boards. Plywood and originally grey. My Zodiac dealer was not helpful - "We don't know what paint that is." Started a search, and Interlux's product "Interdeck" looks like a possible solution. Any feedback? Any better suggestions? Thanks
  8. If you actually want to go sailing - there are better (newer/better maintained) choices. If you want to work on a boat - if that's part of the dream, then this could be a great choice. I for one love sailing fast boats. So what other options? Big Bene Firsts? 44.7 or 47.7. About 2 or 3x the money, but you can sail them now without sinking a bunch more cash. X-Yachts. J/46, J/133 or J/145. Big Hanses. These will all be easier to sail with a small family crew than a SC50.
  9. VW Syncro - a 4WD VW campervan. A bit of an adventure. Gets us anywhere we want to go. Fairly reliable if you stay on top of maintenance - our is 1987 or 35 years old. Comfortable sleeping. Propane furnace. Stove and a modern 12V fridge. Bike rack on the back. We enjoy it for a few weeks in spring and fall. Summer is too busy in parks - and that's when we sail!
  10. As a former owner of a boat with an Atomic 4, check out Moyer Marine. Even PM me as I think I have a copy of their service manual I am happy to send you, just pay postage (I'm in Canada). Do a service on the ignition system - rotor, plugs, wires, coil, etc. On the manifold - talk to a mechanic. Can you drill/tap larger threads? Drill it out and use nut/bolt? Find used manifold to replace? You need this to be safe. Love getting these old boats back in shape and out there sailing!
  11. I also like this one: https://www.youtube.com/c/sea4see The refit of a Hallberg Rassy 312 in Italy. Great work, more perfectionist than Mads. Beautiful craftsmanship. Can't miss an episode of Leo doing the rebuild of Tally Ho.
  12. Fair winds to the finish! Come on Boris! He is calm and composed, he will find a solution to his rig issue.
  13. Fantastic. Well done JLC. Great sportsmanship. I imagine great seamanship as well. Hope Keven is healthy.
  14. Thanks guys. I continued to do some research and came across a suggestion of filling the thru hull with thickened epoxy. I imagine I could put a larger bevel on the outboard end to make a better plug. Maybe this would work with a bronze cap on as well.
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