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  1. Really looking forward to seeing how you install the rudder structure.
  2. I recently had to explain all of this to a once-active racing sailor, who (obvs) hadn't been keeping up. "Fuckin' Cheating bastards" was his only comment.
  3. Good vid, good vibe, best wishes to you & if there's any support from this end of those races that you could use, let me know. It would be awesome to see you guys out here.
  4. I'll stick to the classics, myself
  5. Piaggio BV 300, or any of it's variations, is what you are looking for. You're welcome.
  6. Never had the least-bit of proof for his "Millions of illegal votes" claim in the 2016 election, despite forming a committee and BEING THE PRESIDENT for 4 years, did any one REALLY think he'd have a shred of it this time around? If you did, you are a rube.
  7. The last of the 3 mast tops I bought for my Mega came with out the track mounted (but provided) - a bit of a scuff, clean and G-flex and careful placement and it was good to go. Not difficult. I suspect that removing the old track will be the worst of it.
  8. That they offered the 29 in all four permutations was always a curiosity - but frankly I have to hand it to JBoats to make all variants available because you just KNOW some guy was saying "Aw, but I wanted the XY combo..." Great boats though
  9. Well, you could always do it your damn self and get back to us on what your time is worth.
  10. Anyone interested in the Hansen's disease (Leprosy) colony on Molokai's north shore Kaulaupapa peninsula ought to read "The Colony" - very well researched and written with a LOT of context of the day.
  11. and there is NOTHING that tfg won't lie about https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/29/donald-trump-muslims-cheering-911-attacks
  12. I mean, God forbid you call a semi-automatic weapon an automatic weapon...
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