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  1. Only way a Colgate 26 exceeds hull speed off the trailer involves a waterfall.
  2. The One Design Czar has decreed: All Columbia 5.5s are to report to the West Coast. Consult local listings for the relevant fleets in your area.
  3. soon to be doing this: WP_20130902_020.mp4
  4. Boat registrations peaked in the US in 1981. Draw you own conclusions.
  5. I sure would like to turn off the tap to the entire region. No money, no weapons, no spare parts. Fuck it. I'm done with that crap. Much like Afghanistan, you goat-fuckers and blow up yourselves all you want, we tried.
  6. My 2 cents? Find a loft where the people are decent to you. Buy from them. Profit.
  7. Poke a hole in your boat and flares get REAL popular again real quick!
  8. Apophenia nails it 5 posts in: "Sailing is a game of applied fluid dynamics and risk management." It's not just the water that kills you, but it usually is. Fun to Fatal in no time at all really.
  9. Ah, the attack of Seth Radow's Glama!
  10. best horn section jam of the nineties!
  11. and every one of them willing to blame Biden for it all
  12. thoughts, no particular order: 2) Pretty good camera work and Look. Artful & attractive. 4) Why isn't she hanging on to the jib sheet in the cat sequence - it's more comfortable, even but mainly it would have her DO something other than drape her ass on the scenery. But for a little technical advisory that wouldn't be half-bad. 3) THIS is how THEY see us. (the outside world, of sailors - notice everything is clean) 1) The First Thing female crew do is contain her long hair when sailing or on the bike - having that stuff out waving around makes for better pictures
  13. They all say: "You'll never take me alive" until it's Go Time.
  14. Like a Maryland vs. Virginia sorta thiing?
  15. Yeah, I was wondering when the Lucite 31 would get some traction. You ever paddle one of those small, clear plexiglass canoes? Trippy.
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