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  1. So of course this clip comes to mind. At least Magic wasn't carrying tons of lead.
  2. I'm looking at CLC's new "Big Small Boat Festival" at the end of May. And I'll be back for MASCF again. I don't have a routine launch spot. I just get permits for the county ramps or use a marina. Depends where I want to sail. What do you sail?
  3. Hi Wess. The shot was taken on the Miles River at last year's Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in October. The photo was taken by John Harris, who designed the boat. We were engaged in an impromptu race back to St. Michael's after the annual overnight at Wye Island. John was sailing his Pocketship.
  4. Combination of the two, actually. That was my first outing in conditions like that. The boat has a shoal draft rudder with an endplate. I've since moved the sail 6 inches forward against the mast and discovered that trimming up the twin bilgeboards up halfway in these conditions balances the helm far bettter. No, not a Chebacco, a Chesapeake LIght Craft "Autumn Leaves."
  5. One of the best looking sailboats ever IMHO.
  6. Too true. The kayaks used to be in the garage with the cars, impeding the significant other's ability to open her car door. So I had a solid argument to build another garage, right? And once built, it would be a shame to leave storage space unused...
  7. Squirt boats? Well, I could stack them like pancakes and fit a dozen in one corner. BTW, there is an inflatable rolled up behind the cabinet on the right. And now that I count more carefully there are, two more since I took that photo. Can I argue it's a healthy addiction?
  8. You're right. I bought another one after I took this photo. I think there's still room to hang a couple more from the ceiling.
  9. Thanks - yep, same boat. I'm still have a few things to sort out, but I am liking it quite a bit. It's one of those little boats that feels bigger than it is.
  10. The green boat is a Chesapeake Light Craft "Autumn Leaves" that I launched last year. Bottom right is a Nick Schade Great Auk kayak, done stripper style. It's got a cover to keep it pretty -- it's my fancy kayak.
  11. John Harris was mentioned regarding Mbuli, his minimalist proa. A different approach to coastal cruising solo from the same drawing board is Autumn Leaves. I finished the first kit built boat last year. Another one was completed a few months earlier from scratch. It's not an offshore boat by any measure, but I think it does a pretty good job at being both comfortable and handy without needing a motor. The styling makes it look bigger than it's 18'6" length on deck. The bowsprit and boomkin add another four feet or so.
  12. I'm puzzled by this market, too. Who's the target buyer? Personally, if I was going to downsize and couldn't sleep overnight on my next trimaran, I'd go the Weta route. I can't see all that extra expense and a bigger mast to raise, etc., for a marginal jump in performance that adds nothing more, as in Weta vs. the 900. I was in a handicap mixed-fleet race not too far back where a Multi 23 was entered. Here these guys were in a very spartan, open boat racing mostly F24 and F27s and the like, and weren't any faster. Indeed, slower than most and enjoying not half the comfort. Do they really expec
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