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  1. I think they were going for dramatic effect by not mentioning the surveyor earlier on in proceedings...
  2. From an INEOS point of view they really really needed that one. I think they probably need both races tomorrow. LR looked to be more likely to regain the lead in the last race than INEOS have in any of the other races. I don't think LR will be feeling any discomfort yet...
  3. Has it been confirmed that Barker didn't shout 'Leeroy Jenkins' as he went for the bearaway?
  4. Clearly they've adopted the Nairo Quintana approach to winning the Tour De France... I'm in two minds, on the one hand 3 sets of foils seems restrictive, but on the other hand everyone else is coping...
  5. I'd be intrigued to see the VMG graph, as speed is only useful if you are going in the right direction.
  6. And as to being quiet, I've mostly been avoiding spoilers until I get a chance to watch the races...
  7. Always have the kill cord attached, either to my ankle or my buoyancy aid prefrerably but there's no reason not to have it looped round your wrist at the very least.
  8. They've made an arse of it, haven't they... They really seem to be in hail Mary territory, Every time I think they have good speed the camera zooms out and you find out the speed may be good but the VMG is awful. They clearly have a lot more trouble getting on the foils than the other three, their maneouvers are clearly less smooth with a lot more time spent on two foils (although they were a bit better today). Any time they've managed to get ahead the opposition has basically just sailed past them. The only thing we don't know is how it performs in high wind but from what we've seen so f
  9. Vanguard, classic with carbon(ish), in need of repair £750-1250 I would say, probably towards the lower end. It's a bit hard to figure out because there aren't a lot of Vanguards being bought and sold in the UK so there isn't a lot of data to go with. Trolley/Trailer will make a difference too.
  10. Still don't understand why they ground the gelcoat off all those flat surfaces as they were investigating the joins. Easy for me to say but they might have discovered the delam that way and been able to peel it off...
  11. I wasn't in a rapid sail changing position myself, but I guess it wouldn't exist if they didn't feel the need for it.
  12. I'm trying to work out exactly what it's for...
  13. Having skimmed through the series I was struck by 3 things: 1. Youtube monetization sucks. Too many 5 minute videos stretched to 10 or 15 for that sweet mid roll ad money. 2. I are only peripherally involved in such things, but even I know beard and respirator do not go well together. 3. They seemed to grind off an unecessary amount of gelcoat. I suppose at least with that hole in the bottom they can come up with a giant clamp to hold the keel grid to the hull while the glue sets...
  14. Simply put, the 14 class rules didn't allow daggerboards until 1976.
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