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  1. (Word is that our (and others) complaints have been noted and that action will be taken after the event to ensure this never happens again.) Please explain???
  2. Seems that Audi Victoria Week is going back to the future?? Now known as The "Festival of Sails" No naming rights sponsor willing to pony up, seems that the new marketing team cant get any one interested, Dougie Jarvis got out at the right time! The club is going to re-tender for all the infra-structure as in the past. Let's see if they can put into play what they allegedly have learnt in the past? (personally, i doubt it) Like to hear all your thoughts
  3. Hot Off the press: AUDI QUITTING GEELONG VICTORIA WEEK.... I'll get my beer and popcorn, then u can all proceed....
  4. Flat Bag, You are so on the money..................
  5. Hi Johnny, Watch out for the "mongrel" and tell him Hi from the Gtown dinghy park.
  6. MOCEAN Today, 09:21 AM "First I've herd of a tp 52 heading to Geelong. Anyone care to elaborate ? " Move on OLD news. Just how long have u been a member at Gtown?
  7. Hey, Giddy up, told you didn't I. Just my timing was out by 12 months, catch ya soon
  8. Any substance that a TP52 coming to gtown via the Med circuit. Key crew are signed
  9. H'New year Giddy, must have something to celebrate
  10. Ugly yes! but do not arm wreslte him!
  11. Shit! Your'e the king of the shovel. Know everything and everyone and yet you are asking me?
  12. so the living dead isn't going to G_town till Oct, after hammo. shogun staying put in the pen for the mo! before maybe heading to RSA or the UK!
  13. So who has bought Living Doll? The japanese warlord??????????????????????????????????
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