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  1. Beautiful boats for people who like to go places, and go there quickly. I consider the difference between them and GB is that GB ALWAYS focused on enough headroom, comfort etc. for the cruising needs first. Perhaps is is that the Brits are more willing to trade away, say Headroom, for the performance they seek. But the DazCat market Niche may be limited in market size. IMHO...
  2. Shake it one more time, we almost have all the loose change out of the bilge....
  3. What could possibly be a better way to raise a kid than with an Fboat and a boston terrier. Love it!
  4. Has anyone figured out the 'best' tablet mount to connect to a swing mount in the cabin hatch area? I have a new iPad I want to use for nav, and a swing arm that was attached to a MFD, and want a way to use the iPad instead. Thanks all
  5. RE: Barber haulers. I have a snatch block and a LFR on a soft shackle so that I can move the attachment point around (jib outboard front beam netting locations, screacher maybe all the way out to the front beam/float eye, etc.) Currently it is single rope to a snatch block, but I could just as easily run the rope through the snatch block to create a 2:1 with the end run back out to the soft shackle. My real question is - do you run the sheet end of the barber back to the windward jib winch across everything, or has someone come up with a convenient single pully/cleat solution? I didn't do a
  6. New to me 1998 242, (ex-Littlewing the national champion.) Bought her last fall for a restomod and after lots of maintenance checklist items, fixing coachroof holes from the prior owners' dreaded 'oops i forgot to bungie up the mast rotator when I lowered the mast', and doing boat yoga to get to pulpit (wiring for bow lights) and beam hold down fitting bolts buried deep in the recesses of the boat (and glued in as the fittings were put on before deck joined the hull and the glue squeezed out) I splashed this past weekend. Relaced and tightened the nets - why the hell are there not instructio
  7. From Tom himself: Tom Robinson-Cox We were sailing from Casco Bay in Maine to home port in Gloucester; on the nose all the way. When 30 miles out we tacked in towards shore for 10 miles, saw cumulus and rain in distance ahead and tacked back to south to evade but storm cell caught us. We rounded up and sheeted out as wind increased when there was a big shift and wind burst to maybe 40 which capsized us sideways in 2 seconds- no time to release sheets. Storm cell past over within 5 minutes . Salvage operation underway. In hindsight, a deep reef would have been good when it was
  8. Depends how much fresh water and how much salt water. If you are trailer sailing it all the time, a good wax and speedcoat/slime could be enough. I would not want to leave the boat in salt water bay on a mooring for very long. They get nasty, and when they do it takes forever to redo it because the trailer covers alot of the hulls and you have to put it on jacks and pull the trailer out.
  9. There was a Corsair 242 for $20k in dago last year. Go to the Corsair groups.it site and announce loudly that you are looking to buy a boat.
  10. before you drop that much cash, why not buy a Nomad for $5k and see if they even like sailing for a year. NOT a keelboat but does everything else you say and unless you live in a high winds always locale, you can keep her right side up, have three sails, tons of deck space and it is small enough that you can handle it. Then if they like it get a Corsair Trimaran and leave it on a trailer behind your house when you are not taking it on adventures.
  11. Amen Paul. That is why we so admired Ian for his tireless engagement here. Thank you for the thousand plus boats you built there -wish you could get rights to f22 and crank them out too!
  12. I was talking the race in general, but yes those two incidents had different skippers on board.
  13. So they kill people off China running over a boat, and now they hit an anchored boat in the middle of the day. At some point, don’t you either put a window in the sail or keep a watch down low? I am a huge supporter but this scares the hell out of me.
  14. I don't know where she ended up but Unconditional was the best boat for task that I ever sailed on. I delivered her down the east coast USA with owner Mike Marshall in the fall of '99 with a hurricane coming the other way offshore. Wrote about it in Multihulls. I think the broker quoted that article in the listing here http://www.fram.nl/Unconditionallove.pdf. Would love to find / buy her if she is not in hard shape.
  15. George, can you post a linky to where to buy one of those? I am going to use it with my iPad for Nav and race apps
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