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  1. If you've an anchor locker that drains overboard it's the best place, but maybe pushing it for six gallons...
  2. I think that's a more recent one. The late '70's one seems to have had three different decks, and this is the only picture I can find of the one with forward facing saloon windows, but it's not the one I'm thinking of which had a shallower angle coachroof side - a bit like one of the early 'f' Bene's. It's bugging me though, I think I've seen that boat somewhere in the last couple of years.
  3. I have one of these prints - 'Life' by the Victorian painter Charles Napier Hemy - in a cupboard. In the cupboard because although I appreciate the sentiment I can't bear the fact that the boat is so horribly warped. (I only bought it because it was so cheap and I knew I could make on it...).
  4. If it hadn't been for Bob I'd never have met Ferret, and might still have my wisdom teeth.
  5. I'm a bit puzzled by NZ in practice earlier today. After 24:30 they gybe onto stbd and continue downwind; at 24:50 they come up onto the wind, but drop the stbd foil during the turn. Is it an example of controlling heel with the wward foil, a mistake - or something else?
  6. My guess - that the rudder was to starboard, but he's got his anchor down and the chain wraps those of the two boats.
  7. I'll second that - they (Harken UK) found me some Barbarossa bits made 30 years ago.
  8. There certainly was a similarly lovely-looking David Thomas wooden boat and despite walking past it at Hamble Point most days for months I can't remember its name... somewhere around 25-27 feet. I don't think it's the boat in the picture. I'm also fairly sure that David never did a rudder like that.
  9. Sometime last year @slowboat told me that Rosina was sold and going to Spain. So unlikely to be her I think?
  10. You do know that Oxalic acid is what you get from rhubarb? Pretty harmless, espec once it's in the water.
  11. Same thought occurred to me, I thought one design 4ksbs, live weather and on our usual courses. Prizes being small % points off real club handicaps...
  12. There may be a D to factor in. I'm also quoting from BBC's Radio 4 which had someone on today pointing out that the lockdown in China has saved maybe 50,000 lives by virtue of the huge reduction in pollution.
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