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  1. I have one of these prints - 'Life' by the Victorian painter Charles Napier Hemy - in a cupboard. In the cupboard because although I appreciate the sentiment I can't bear the fact that the boat is so horribly warped. (I only bought it because it was so cheap and I knew I could make on it...).
  2. If it hadn't been for Bob I'd never have met Ferret, and might still have my wisdom teeth.
  3. I'm a bit puzzled by NZ in practice earlier today. After 24:30 they gybe onto stbd and continue downwind; at 24:50 they come up onto the wind, but drop the stbd foil during the turn. Is it an example of controlling heel with the wward foil, a mistake - or something else?
  4. My guess - that the rudder was to starboard, but he's got his anchor down and the chain wraps those of the two boats.
  5. I'll second that - they (Harken UK) found me some Barbarossa bits made 30 years ago.
  6. There certainly was a similarly lovely-looking David Thomas wooden boat and despite walking past it at Hamble Point most days for months I can't remember its name... somewhere around 25-27 feet. I don't think it's the boat in the picture. I'm also fairly sure that David never did a rudder like that.
  7. Sometime last year @slowboat told me that Rosina was sold and going to Spain. So unlikely to be her I think?
  8. You do know that Oxalic acid is what you get from rhubarb? Pretty harmless, espec once it's in the water.
  9. Same thought occurred to me, I thought one design 4ksbs, live weather and on our usual courses. Prizes being small % points off real club handicaps...
  10. There may be a D to factor in. I'm also quoting from BBC's Radio 4 which had someone on today pointing out that the lockdown in China has saved maybe 50,000 lives by virtue of the huge reduction in pollution.
  11. That's almost lifelike, does it have popup ads - and is it available for Android?
  12. I keep coming back to this thinking 'If Elon did tenders...'.
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