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  1. Short of the Lac Leman specialty cats, an Extreme 40 is the most accessible race winner??
  2. Any credible information regarding a new R2AK race course in Puget Sound or south of Canada would be of great interest...
  3. That is a really, really cool Newick: Lucky Strike, if I am not mistaken. THAT might be the ideal R2AK boat?!?! My Seacart has a big rudder on each ama and a maybe 6' long dagger sticking down into the black midnight depths...
  4. Ask a Kiwi if the Aussies are the best racing sailors!?! Some of the winches on the big tris winch counter-clockwise, in which case it is very helpful to have the reminder of the correct winching direction clearly shown on the top of the winch?
  5. Yep, that's the one. Ft. Walton Beach...
  6. and you can't always see them, unfortunately!
  7. Matthew Smyth, Randy's son, is now sailing the .... out of Scissors on Chatahootchee Bay, as we speak
  8. The logs don't disappear during the day up there: every tide line is a potential end of race mishap. Every river mouth is a chaos of barely afloat uncounted board feet waiting to be set free on the huge rising tide. Constant attention is required even in the best weather, even during the day
  9. Speaking of Moxie, where is this legend now? Last I heard she was heading to Spain with Lia Dutton in 2011?
  10. Th4 word "sandbagging" is an unnecessary and counterproductive pejorative. Sailboat racing is a non-stop quest to add performance within the rules. The M32 effort was amazing: 3 young top shelf sailors on a PHRF -100 platform, willing to sail non-stop offshore in cold water for almost 4 days!? It will likely never be equaled??
  11. The OP was "ideal R2AK boat"... These two multis are not out the question, or even sandbagging. And if they are on the fast side, there have been some other much faster boats doing the race!
  12. I have a couple of nominations for the ideal R2AK boat, other than the SC30, which is ideal: Explorer 44 trimaran (Round Midnight) and the legendary Newick "Moxie"...
  13. Thank you Trevor. You and Malcolm and Mackenzie are honest to god blessings... JH
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