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  1. Prince Andrew, obviously. Royal Thames and the Royal Family also obviously. The Royal Yacht Squadron, at being overlooked as the most important club in the uk. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8873791/Prince-Andrew-sacked-Commodore-Britains-famous-yacht-club.html https://www.btimesonline.com/articles/141098/20201024/prince-andrew-fired-duke-of-york-to-be-replaced-by-kate-middleton-in-crucial-role.htm
  2. He smoked Marlboro's that were repackaged during the race.
  3. They stretch the fleet, meaning much less opportunity for passing on the subsequent beat and run. If you want to do them, do sausage triangle.
  4. I don't think there is any kind of media conspiracy. I think that a large part of"the media" in the UK (which obviously isn't just one homogenous body) is owned by Murdoch, the Barclay brothers, Lord Rothermere, and that if their organisations are setting the majority against the "pro EU elite" then it may be in their individual interests to do so. The UK political class must also shoulder a significant part of the anti EU feeling, due to the fact the they fail to explain the good that the EU does for Britain and NI. It has been very easy for them to take credit for the good, and blame t
  5. Thanks. The UK government has run the clock down, and spent the time negotiating a withdrawal agreement that takes NI and the Good Friday agreement into account. That same government then voted against this agreement yesterday and suggested a change with less than 60 days to go.
  6. Where did I mention a trade agreement with those countries? No. Japan? Yes. I agree, it will default to WTO standards, and UK industry and consumers will be totally fucked.
  7. I'm really sorry that I cut as you have described. I will go back and edit my post. *I tried to, but unfortunately now I can't. Possibly a time limit? I don't think that it changes the context of the post, so happily would have included it. My question remains unanswered. What are you talking about? and why do you think that?
  8. This is incredibly factually inaccurate. These are not opinions. e.g. Japan already have a trade deal with the EU that governs how both parties can make future trade deals. Have you read it? Australia, New Zealand, USA etc. have already made statements about how they will deal with the UK. None of them match what you have described. In the UK (EU) there is freedom of movement of labour. We have many restrictions that could be applied within the EU, yet chose not to because it benefits the UK economy to operate as it does. The problem is political, and created almost entirely by a media th
  9. What are you talking about? The referendum was not "imposed by EU rules". The Government is not committed to prosecuting the result. It was simply advisory. Where are you getting your news?
  10. Were you abused as a child?
  11. The argument that the UK could use Article 24 to continue free trade with the EU has been deconstructed many times by experts in World Trade from different countries. No leaver has given any kind of coherent response. It is NOT an option.
  12. To misquote, "There's only two things I hate; intolerance of other cultures and the Australians." Fuck off you racist.
  13. Hitcher


    Why aren't there any casinos in China? Because the Chinese hate tibet! And for english footy fans...Have you heard that Frank Lampard hasn't invited Drogba to his mum's funeral? They're scared he's gonna dive in the box!
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