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  1. Curious why you need it to be floating which brings in more complexity. I know in Antigua in Jolly Harbor there are large keel boats on lifts. Much larger than yours. Just did a quick google search boat lifts jolly harbor and this came up. https://www.goldenboatlifts.com/custom-solutions/60k-sail-boat-lift-in-jolly-harbor-antigua/
  2. ok understand now. makes sense but for somebody who does not know I thought it would be like turning off your depth sounder.
  3. Hard to believe they don't have sonar active all the time. In any event there will be a few more people looking for jobs.
  4. Understand. Around Long Island Sound this has nothing to do with enforcing and catching smugglers. It has all to do with a waste of tax payers dollars using up their allotted fuel and giving people on the payroll something to do, and the end result is just harassing boaters going about their business. (I am sure the CG does not believe they are harassing people, they think they are just doing their job and for those coasties on the boat they are doing just that.). But whoever is giving them their orders to go out and do safety checks needs to rethink what these people should be doing.
  5. Except when they pull up next to you in a 35' patrol boat when you are under spinnaker and they say they want to board and do a safety inspection. After being stoped once and hearing their questions I know to say we have a sick person aboard with covid symptons. They quickly go into a huddle and then come back with ok and let you sail away.
  6. I just sold a 2017 F250 crew cab with 12,500 miles on it for $46K. Paid $45! Used prices are high!
  7. Super good info. Why I love just browing the forms once in a while.
  8. Got the mast up cover as linked to in one of the above posts. Fits fine and does the job. Also shows the rollers I put on the dock that allows my wife who is not a very big women launch and retrieve by herself.
  9. Yes we do do that some times. Dock is setup with two rollers on either side so depending on the wind we can launch either way. But in general it is easiest to launch with bow facing the wind as you would imagine.
  10. It is all about density. The satalites will be moving over water in their regular course of orbit. The good news for boaters is there are relatively few boats out in the ocean compared to people on land. So yes performance would be crap where there is a lot of people but not on the water. And if there are a lot of people then there are already land based internet conection options.
  11. The lasers are coming. Will be needed for the system to work with boats. https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-internet-satellites-lasers-launch
  12. Great video of the 3300 during the 2021 Fastnet. https://youtu.be/MS6RTBTMZMg
  13. Yes I have gone there and same thing. Tried all the different options.
  14. Lots of likes. Nothing to complain about sailing. My only dislike is I launch from a dock which is about 14" off the water and when I roll the boat in, (Have a roller mounted for ease of launch and retrieval works great.) the transom goes under water and I end up with a cockpit full of water.
  15. Interested in what WS320 prototype and will send you a message.
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