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  1. Ok heres some feedback on my experience so far. I went to RACQ office. Much better response, they were at least interested, no questions about trimarans, I just said Brand Farrier, Model F22, no questions about carbon fibre, fibreglass was a sufficient reply. This time the hang up was about where the boat was to be stored? Boat club, fenced hardstand area, was my answer. Does it have 24hr security? Like cameras? Yes and security guards patrolling the area? Who can access the area, club members only with swipe card. Is the boat locked separately? yes the trailer is? For
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Club is Moreton Bay Trailer Boat, there are other Tris there so obviously insurance is possible, I have asked some questions of the club to see what or who they are with, but I don't want to ask too many questions as it may cause more issues than we need. Hardstand agreement says, Public liability $10m, comprehensive marine insurance for the vessel, 3rd party on the vessel, and any other insurance reasonably required by MBTBC? So I think it just comes down to the insured value, and excess requested. I was going for $70k including rig, sails & outboar
  3. I know this topic comes up regularly but the threads I can find are all a few years old. I am looking for some current information. I have a F22R self built, with carbon mast, which I have not insured previously as it was kept on trailer on private property. I now have the opportunity to keep the boat in the hardstand area of a boat club (Brisbane area), but they require the boat to be insured. I am not asking for racing, or anything special, and I don't think $60k is excessive agreed value. As everyone knows its not an easy or cheap thing to do. Best & only quote I hav
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