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  1. You forgot Torpedos and Coors Light dispenser!
  2. We went well first day of the event, had some tough times and a few breakdowns on day 2 in the breeze which is odd as the boat has been almost faultless til now, managed to do enough on the last day to keep our noses ahead for the regatta and the season. Boat is broken down now for overhaul of systems and tickles, before heading South for the winter.
  3. The deck furniture is all there to assist the Boss moving around the boat, without him, we'd have no program, no work and no trophies. They look odd but are functional and built to purpose. Ideally the boat would be tiller steered, again a request of the Boss's and to his preference.
  4. New York? Looks like the Subway scene setting from Ghostbusters 2.
  5. Those keels look like KZ-7s cast offs, then again there were a few as there were wings a plenty too. When I worked for the program in 2005 We planed down the original keel to reduce wetted surface by drilling holes in the keel to the required new shape and then some poor bastard, I don't remember his name, then went to town with a power plane to remove the excess lead, it was then faired and put back on the boat. Net gain=0. For a while we hiked forward on the rail, in front of the shrouds as the CG of the boat was so fucked up. Bill was throwing money at the boat as was Edgar Cato with KZ-5 a
  6. You should have seen the protestations when told he'd have the sails spot checked...in the car park. All the other SuperSeries boats are perfectly happy to have that done after a win. Congrats to the Sled to battle through for the win. The wind didn't play ball a lot of the time and the trailer park was hot as balls as always, pretty awesome to see 16 boats on a start line though. Next up Mahon.
  7. A number of the Commanche crew are now on Skorpios, notably Tony Mutter.
  8. Yes, Canova. The new and late Infiniti 52 is also a DSS boat from inception.
  9. Fucking awesome, is it practical, no...let the big bastard rip and she how it goes! A lot of the same feelings from when we had the Speedboat brand new, lots of excitement and caution, systems issues and practices to be learned for targets/crossovers and handling of the gear. For me, it's a hell of a project and I'm looking forward to seeing what it is capable of.
  10. This thread needs pics...well, one at least, Fox stretching her legs in the breeze on Saturday. We never did enough to offset our jitters on day one and ended where we started, with solid 3rd. A real pleasure to be back in Harbor Springs after so long, 2005 was the last time. Pretty part of the country you have up there. Photo by Up Top Media (our drone guy)
  11. The Wally Kauris 3, now Green Eyes and owned by Paolo Mirpuri has a swing keel, but she's a shitter, 2002 build with all the problems you'd imagine. Both Tiketitan and Tiketitoo were swing keelers too as far as I remember. Singularity, despite all the time on the hard seems to have nothing but issues as NZK says.
  12. Looking for a parts supplier for a French built J/80, rudder pintles, gudgeouns and pins. So far both J Boats and Vela Sailing have been useless. Thanks, TQ
  13. Congrats to all who took part, to Dragon for the line honours, for Windswept for toughing it out and to Young American with Peter and Leah for sweeping the return leg. Both Leah and Cole from Dragon had quite the pile of silverware between them.
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