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  1. Can they kill the Virtual Spectator all together please? Felt like porting back to the 90's.
  2. Pretty sure they were leaving for the day, not returning.
  3. Let's get it right. It is "Dockyard", not Docklands or whatever else people can come up with. With a SW/NE breeze usable W/L space I reckon will be 4600M, and at the narrowest point between Burgess Point and Pearl Island it will be constricted to about 1800M. With a NW/SE breeze access W/L length could be able 3300M. Either way, it will be tight and staying on foils during any maneuver will be key, because they will have to do them often.
  4. heard they were coming to Bermuda this fall.
  5. Bermuda???? It's snowing here!!!

    The i550 which has been getting single handed some is "death by Snoo snooo" Pictures of her and the skipper "wobble" can be seen under the i550 in Victoria thread on Sportboat Anarchy. Also you can go to i550.org to see some build blogs of others along with "death by" under the heading "clownfish"

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