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  1. Whatcha folks in CA whining about plenty of snow in the mountains http://winter.mtbaker.us/snow-report/
  2. So what am I missing? I saw the seascape at the Salon Nautic in Paris... meh - I found nothing impressive
  3. Thanks Blunted - that's what I was asking about...
  4. There ya go! What's the thinking behind the amount of prismatic you have in the center hull?
  5. Doug has been building this thing for 4 years. and is nowhere near finishing. He not only has no plans - he doesn't even have a project task list. Most of the tricky bits like painting, Mast, Sails etc. He's outsourced.
  6. Yes Lohring, that is why it was so surprising to see them let Doug get away with personal attacks on a regular basis. I suspect its why Doug has now been sanctioned by them twice in less than 3 weeks, hopefully it will be a learning experience for him
  7. here's Doug's response from when he was allowed back in http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=36&showentry=34
  8. Given that its a 10 year old discussion, I would suggest its a bit dated. And its not the lack of monitoring that makes forums deteriorate Lohring.
  9. No because SA reset its blogging system while doug was banned, so that content is not available. But there is finally a semblance of a revivification of those conversations. Its in Dinghy Anarchy and there are two threads: Moth Worlds 2013 and one on Moth design
  10. He's still posting in other threads, and all I've done is just document his claims - the claims he erased so that he could come back and deny they existed Its called innoculation - but I think we have enough now in the record I can follow the advice of that photo
  11. Some more performance predictions by Doug (garnered from BoatDesign.net)
  12. Notice the logic behind this. SailLaser is HQed in the UK and hence within the sales region of Laser Performance (Rastegar) but it "aims to open new franchise centers globally on an ongoing basis". Now a franchise agreement typically has various quality minimum requirements AND ALSO can include "product sourcing" requirements. So a "Sail Laser Franchise" opening say in Sydney Harbour, could be required by Sail Laser HQ to buy its boats from Sail Laser UK. Which of course is a backdoor way for Rastegar to sell into markets he supposedly isn't allowed to. Furthermore by selling u
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