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  1. I wasn't clear - not a new boat but a a 3rd subclass - 49er, 49erFX and 49erMOD (the I14 version). I like these ideas, but rather than make random boats, conforming to a similar vision would be great.
  2. Like most talking on this thread, I got into a 49er as an adult (#921/sliders, carbon rig). I'm a fan of the TASAR, the books and the boats that came from the Bethwaite stable. Between schedules and finding another adult that likes to swim my 49er does not get sailed a lot. With the enthusiasm here - maybe there is interest (and a Bethwaite involvement) for a OD or development class - sort of filling the 59er gap. Andrew
  3. Was in SF in the early 2000s, picked up a Splicing Wand at KKMI? Put it safely in the corner of my backpack to keep it from getting bent and forgot about it. Airport security had just been increased; really, I had no idea why I was being flanked by two men with machine guns at the xray machine. No, I had nothing to declare. It looked like a sword being extricated from my bag - gleaming in the light, my friends, people in the security line up laughing. The Splicing Wand was more expensive than the flight to Vancouver - I loved it and wasn't giving it up. They let me run back to
  4. Family dynamic has changed, looking to go back to a 40ish sailboat. Offers and even trades for racer cruiser considered. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/protector-28/
  5. Werdna

    Used 49er

    Any other inspired (middle aged) sailors in Vancouver following this ?
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