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  1. Ok Zonker et al, you've changed my mind. I've watched the video and reviewed the pleadings and the 6th circuit opinion, and I'm prepared to issue a full retraction. There is actually more to this than I initially assumed, and I'm satisfactorily convinced that the Wynns were in fact victimized by willfully dishonest actors. And, while they may or may not have been foolish by paying the entire amount up front, they still deserve to get what they paid for. I'm still not 100% clear on the connection between OneSails and JRS is, but to the extent that there is one it's pretty clear that JRS
  2. Dammit. Down the rabbit hole I go. Here’s the original complaint and attached exhibits from pacer. Bedtime reading, yaaay… 1.pdf 1-1.pdf 1-2.pdf 1-3.pdf
  3. Ok, fair enough. If they're not at fault then I don't want to diminish the importance of their gripe. Your point is well taken, and I rescind the phrase "minor contract dispute." But, I still stand by my broader point. You don't know any more than I do whether they are being fully truthful about the circumstances of their situation. They could have easily omitted relevant facts that would change your evaluation of the matter. I don't know what happened, and neither do you. We've only gotten one side of the story. It's entirely possible that they made payment and the sailmaker had to cha
  4. I have a big problem with people who use their "celebrity," however minor it may be, as leverage in what is essentially a minor contract dispute. I have no idea about the nature of the underlying matter--maybe they did get screwed, maybe there's more to the story. We'll certainly never know. But, creating and disseminating a video like this is unseemly at best and borders on extortionate at worst. Go get a lawyer like the rest of us.
  5. I'm happy to make an introduction if you're serious, I just think he does fine in his day job & doesn't necessarily want to do this for money, but I can't speak for him...DM me if you like
  6. The developer never intended to run it as a business. He's a software designer who does this in his spare time.
  7. Because it's super foggy on the bay J/K. I'm not saying it's a rational worry, but it is a worry of some boats, some just to save the embarrassment...
  8. RaceQs was created by and is still maintained by a well-known Bay Area sailor who sails in the J/88 & the J/105 fleets. It is still very much up & running. We still use it sporadically in our 105 regattas, and we've used it as a debriefing tool for our fleet chats. See, e.g. J/105 Berkeley Circle Debrief We're trying to get the entire fleet to buy into it as it's only useful if all or substantially all boats are running it. Unfortunately, there's a disincentive in the minds of some boats to share their tracks if they're not compelled to, so the Fleet has tossed around the ide
  9. Bump. We just got the new ProStart for the 105 (hyooge upgrade from the old unit btw), and I’m trying to decide which mode to use for us, magnetic or COG. I share much of the OP’s naivete with regard to interpreting the data, so I’m inclined to begin with the magnetic mode, but we have so much current differential in the bay that I’m concerned the simple magnetic headings without further context are actually worse than useless if our primary goal is to identify lifts & headers. Flame away.
  10. Has anyone had any luck converting the new .vtk format into the old .gpx format for uploading to RaceQs?
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