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  1. I go out sailing for a few days, and look what happened meanwhile! Truly a sight for sore eyes! Very glad to see you’re doing well enough to post again. Hope you’ll make a full recovery soon!
  2. Further elaboration, the people not paying attention to their tasks during their RC duty are basically showing a lack of respect or at least interest in their fellow racers/club members. Commodore is right in calling them out on their behaviour, perhaps he could have done it differently, but that is not the main point. Again not criticising honest rookie or amateur mistakes, everyone is fallible, especially when performing tasks that aren’t second nature and sportsmanship demands respect towards the officials doing their best to organise your game. Try to play a match in any sport while the r
  3. Why do you need to respect the feelings of people that obviously don't give a fig about someone else? I'd say they deserve a swift kick in the tender parts! In my club, like many others, RC duty for Wednesday night races rotates among the participating boats as well, when a boat has RC duty it isn't allowed to race that day. When it's our turn we take it seriously, show up in time to pick up the RC boat, get the marks, the flags and all other required equipment and papers. We lay out the course and make sure everything is ready at least 15 min before the start. After the finish we store e
  4. a long time indeed Wright Brothers' Wing Warping (nasa.gov)
  5. Sending you all the best I can wish you, Hobot. Get Well!
  6. Kevin Schwantz vs Wayne Rainey! Clash of titans in the late 80's and early 90's. Rode my bike through Europe to watch them battle it out live.
  7. He once said something like: "I love my steak, but each time I bring one of my animals to the slaughter I cry a little" I took it as: "Explore and acknowledge the contradictions within your own heart and mind and learn to live with them. In doing so you can also be milder towards others who carry convictions which conflict with your own." Sad Loss of a good man, my condolences
  8. Thanks for making me lose, you bastard!
  9. How about a seperate “comments on the random pics” topic where any discussion sparked by the pictures can be held? These pictures are best enjoyed without Interspersion of comments, observations or discussion, regardless of how interesting they may be.
  10. genealex


    Brilliant retort, to that tired old speech Mr Yacht!
  11. genealex


    Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!
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