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  1. I knew this picture looked familiar. My brother runs a ranch 6.5 miles due east of here. I'll be driving down that road about 7pm tomorrow on my way to go deer hunting.
  2. One thing you are not seeing are larger boats traveling to major events. Most championship events have a majority of their attendance through the local fleet. The IC37 makes sense for NYYC. If you want to race, charter or buy a boat and leave it in Newport. It makes sense to keep a boat there for the summer season and have a guaranteed fleet. Saves a lot of effort on logistics. As far as sailing the boat, it can be sailed by a wide range of crew ability. Now to be in the top of the fleet, its like any other amateur class. You need good physical sailors that can get around the corn
  3. YOu will love the boat if not already. Expect to spend 12-18 months to really get a good feel for how the boat sails in all conditions. The best thing you can do is take it out in a blow. Crash a few times and get that out of way. You'll realize it's not that bad and you will be more confident in pushing the limits.
  4. GLAZE


    We sailed our first full regatta with the Vakaros this past week, Melges 24 Nationals. Since I have had the boat, we have only sailed with a TacTick Racemaster using only the compass and timer. As the class continues to get stronger, I decided to upgrade our instruments to include the starting feature and speed. Prior to the regatta, we used the Vakaros once in a local distance race. When we arrived to the regatta, we set up with both the TacTick and Vakaros. After the practice day, we ditched the TacTack since we quickly became use to the Vakaros. The Vakaros is very simple to use
  5. GLAZE


    Got mine!! Got a text from Todd (Thursday) that they were finishing up my Vakaros and would ship out the next day. It was on my doorstep Tuesday. When I opened the shipping box and saw what was inside, I reflected back to my first IPhone I ever got. The Vakaros was not shoved in a box and shipped out. The carrying case for the Vakaros is nice and compact, holding the unit, charging cord, mast bracket, and mast track attachment. When you pick up the unit, you can tell it is well built and solid. I spend some time that evening getting acquainted to features. The next day, I slap the
  6. GLAZE


    What was your order #?
  7. GLAZE


    I would disagree with the statement that the product didn't exist. They built several prototypes that were being used and tested in the Marstrom32 class. There is also Melges 24 that is running one.
  8. GLAZE


    I am order #158 I imagine they are busy trying to get units assembled and out the door. However, communication and customer support is key to keeping the product selling.
  9. GLAZE


    I got to spend a couple hours at the Newport boat show (and later at IYAC) with Todd. He let us take one of the units down the dock to test its clarity. We got 60 feet away and could clearly see the display with and without polarized glasses on. One of the guys with me, knows is stuff about electronics and programming. He spent a good hour quizzing Todd about all sorts of tech stuff i didn't understand. So I just talked to Tiffany.
  10. she foils https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpz8YcmAXsy/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  11. I was out watching yesterday. The cool front that blew in Saturday night made for some unstable winds from the NW. NW is a bad direction for the venue since BASS PRO shops casts a huge shadow over the course. This morning i drove over the bridge to work and the wind looked a lot better out of the SW with decent waves. I wanted to race, but work seemed to get in the way this week.
  12. Speed clinics, Free Beer and BBQ at each event. We help each other rig boats and find crew. The old boats are fast here. You do not need the latest and greatest boat. Plus we trickle down the equipment. if somebody needs something we give it to them cheap.

    that is it

    cheers Paul

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