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  1. 11,000 is sooo April.

    And now 10,000 has been breached.


    Anyone want to predict the 9,000 threshold? ( Bull Gator is excused from this assignment, he's still tipping his hat to The Obama rally).



    with the dow up 273 today sitting at 10,200 you are looking more stupid than usual.......


    TOTH to Obama?

    Ahhh the moron responds. You're an idiot.



  2. A new coalition is already calling on Congress to amend the Constitution to change the ruling. “In this decision, a handful of unelected judges have revealed their agenda to expand the influence of corporations at the expense of the rights of individuals, and it will not stand the test of time,” said Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy and former chief counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee. - Politico


    From the article.

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