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  1. But it presents an opportunity. Dad’s Morgan 24 didn’t have as much tumble home, but the crew could get their weight out further by sitting in the weather quarter berth. Dad would be on deck steering in the race while the crew was down below reading news papers and books or listening to the radio on the RDF. When a maneuver was called, the crew would spew out the companionway, make the changes and then clear the deck back below. Captain can see forward, the boat was incrementally more aerodynamic and the crew was dryer in sporty conditions! Stumbling
  2. This is the way... Stumbling
  3. Yes, it is possible. There are a number of cuts that will take one back into Florida Bay. - Stumbling
  4. Forgot to put in that the Liteboat XP passed us heading down Flamingo Channel while we were heading into Flamingo. I did not have enough time to peruse the check ins to determine who was ahead of us. Given the Liteboat was outbound, Spawn was long finished and we had no word on the Core Sounds, we figured all were ahead and we were still in 5th-6th place in our minds. Little did we know.... - Stumbling
  5. Thats for cruising paddlers. There are folks like Iron Bob and The Juice that year in and year out beat a good portion of the sailing craft. These are folks who make 5 knots paddling and really, really minimize their stops to keep the average speed up. - Stumbling
  6. We were stunning checkpoint captains and others by showing up when unexpected! The 5 knot turtle that does not stop, was picking off the hot shots that either stopped to rest or were overwhelmed by the conditions. - Stumbling
  7. Choco to Flamingo I had gotten back on board Southern Cross after having signed in at the check point. I cleaned the mud off my legs and had a wipe down to try and get as clean as possible before putting sailing clothes back on. JustAnotherSailor fired up the Jetboil to reconstitute dinner at anchor. We finished up eating after 30 min and proceeded to head South to go out Chocoloskee Pass and head on out to the next leg. Night fell as we went down the pass and then we paused outside to listen to the NOAA forecast and discovered that the prediction was 25knots to near gale condit
  8. You get to put two tiny bloopers up to stabilize the setup! You have to be a trained puppet master to control all those strings! Stumbling
  9. It’s been a while since I’ve been here! For kayakers who want to go slow, IOR amas: https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/bpo/d/seffner-small-pontoons-for-kayak-canoe/7288090487.html
  10. Well... JustAnotherSailor and I had a good run in the Dovekie. We did an old school full court press to be as nonstop as we could be. The start and reach across the mouth of the bay was fully powered up. Wind lightened up off of Sarasota for a short period of time. Eased through Stump Pass and in to Cape Haze Marina. (Don’t remember it being that tight when I ran a bay boat down there in the 80s.) Our second leg started inauspiciously by running up hard aground on a dry bank in an outgoing tide in the middle of Little Gasparilla Pass in the dark. Water did not cover
  11. It changes by the hour now. Windy is also predicting a vacuum in the Tampa Bay shortly after the start until early afternoon. we’ll know when we start what the weather cards have been dealt! Stumbling
  12. Race starts on Saturday, March 6, 7am. Friday, March 5th is the setup and inspection day. All the boats will be on the beach getting prepared to race. Stumbling
  13. Heres a couple of photos from a couple of sails this past two weeks: Two weeks ago: And a little night sailing: The drums are getting louder! Stumbling
  14. The owner prior to the Kiwis (Halfbaked) had a custom “Fattish” head main with a little extra roach made by his crew, Clacker (Bremen Sails.) In addition, there is a screecher that fits the foretriangle, for a little more off the wind horsepower and to give a little balance to the low aspect main. I took her out for the first time last week with my son, Gomong the Barbarian. We will be out next weekend to test the screecher and do some rig tuning. I’ll post some pictures once I get them off the camera. Stumbling
  15. Looking forward to seeing you out there this year! Someone else will have to do the play by play calling this time, as I will be one of Tribe on the move... - Stumbling
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