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  1. We practiced for a few hours, tested a few sails. Our instruments read into the mid-20' but might have been over-reading a bit. Definitely not boat-breaking conditions. Kudos to Dawn for getting her teams some useful experience. I see both sides to the cancelation. I lean towards "Should have started" -- but that's a cheap vote after the fact.
  2. With 99.44% confidence: Fortissimo 2, one of the few IC37's with twin wheel steering instead of a tiller.
  3. I would like to see the "SailX" syndicate compete for USA. Elon Musk has a lot of good controls systems engineering talent at Tesla, SpaceX, probably Boring Co., too. And he's got money.
  4. Rando

    espo is a dick

    Came out of retirement (self-imposed exile?) this past weekend? Calling tactics on the scratch boat at AYC?
  5. This is a sad loss for the Esposito family, team Hustler, and the sport of sailing. God bless you, Tony, and your family.
  6. I've had the good fortune to sails with folks of both major political opinions. Strongly held beliefs. Implacable, even. 95% or 99% of the time we are busy talking about sailing while on the boat. Politics (and sports) are distractions from racing. I've snapped at teammates to "talk about the next wind, not the Yankees" while on the rail. Can't remember anyone talking Trump or Obama or any politics on the rail. My teammates who know my beliefs might well make fun of me back on land -- and it's just fun, because why get into a disagreement? I'm not going to change their minds, t
  7. NYYC should have earned one for the Annual Regatta (but not sure if geographically they are in the "jurisdiction" of the esteemed Moosehead competition.)
  8. Rando

    espo is a dick

    There's nothing new here -- nothing juicy in months. Does it mean Espo is no longer a dick?
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