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  1. Word from the DNR is that the no rafting rule is here to stay. We will see!
  2. Thanks all, this was Mac race 22 for me about 19 as skipper of Bad Dog, Have had a couple of 2nds and a 3rd bit this was my first 1st place, 17 overall. Never really thought it would happen LOL. Followed it up with line honors, first in section and first overall in the Around the Island Race so it was a really fun week!!
  3. Yeah, I am pretty sure I know too, and it is way past getting old.
  4. I was in the race, finished more that 24 hours ago, I didn't leave Muskegon YC for home until 4pm EDT Saturday, It is Sunday late morning, aaaaaaand I still have no idea how I finished. Just pathetic. PLEASE I will pay $10 more for my entry fee but PLEASE go to Yachtscoring for this race. This is just stupid.
  5. I am having a serious problem finding SOLAS grade RED handheld flares. Everyone is out of them or does not have them available at all. Apparently a supply chain issue with the manufacturer.. I have heard West Marine in Chicago has them but that does not help me much. Anyone in W Michigan??
  6. Ron, I think the RC has done a great job under extraordinary circumstances. Very much looking forward to the race and seeing all my sailing friends in July!
  7. Did anybody else get a slip reservation for Mack Island for the Chi Mac Race? Got a confirmation from the State of MI last night with an assigned slip number and someone else's CC paying for it. I assume it is CYC but no explanation from them, nothing on the web site. I like it but kinda weird it just showing up
  8. They always limited the entries until 2007 for the 100th. Then they added the cruising and doublehanded divisions. 2017-2018 were back to back brutal races so not surprising to see number down in 2019. I don't think you can draw any conclusions from this years entry number coming off a pandemic. I actually think getting 250 boats is remarkable under the circumstances. Shows a very health race.
  9. Mine have big chunks of rubber on them. Never felt constrained turning the boat. I will try to take a picture this weekend.
  10. Short answer is LMPHRF has/is making some adjustments to how they do handicap adjustments. The new modern boat designs have forced this. Previously X adjustment got Y penalty. Now they are looking at the type of boat, sail plan, SA/D. i.e. putting a oversize spin on a 40ft 30000 lb led mine will have a different impact on performance than putting an oversize spin on a 40 ft 9500 lb sled. A large roach main will have a bigger impact on a boat who's SA is primarily in the main vs a boat (J35 for instance) that has more SA in the genoa than the main. These also tend to have more impact o
  11. Oh that is too bad. Ed was a good man. Met him in 1997 racing in the J35 fleet before he moved on to the 395.
  12. Didn't it used to be Red? Sailed out of Milwuakee? Boat looks amazing! Great price for the condition!
  13. Bump! Boats are flying out of the water this week with dreams of a better year next year. Muskegon YC finished racing on Oct 14. For the summer, we started racing on May 20, (two weeks later than normal) We started scoring races for our summer series on June 24, (6 weeks later than normal) Ran our races until Oct 14 (one week later than normal). Completed 16 races for our summer series, averaged 21 boats per race (Only 1 less than in 2019). For most of the season we did not hand out awards after racing but started doing that again in late August in a hands free fashion. MYC was o
  14. Ed did a review of a beautifully maintained J35 that is really quite good! Thanks Scott! Boat has some minor mods for comfort but is in absolutely pristine condition. Set up more for cruising but I have seen boats set up like this be very competitive on the race course too. Congrats to the owner on a beautiful J35, Link to video HERE
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