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  1. ... or St Michaels College where you learn to ‘stick handle’ a puck with unorthodoxies.
  2. .... that’s a helluva quick side step....
  3. That beautiful picture just evokes a great memory.
  4. I’m 62, and just started Foiling, and kiting. I’m lucky to have my health and physical capabilities. I’m too busy to complain about a sport that has left some people behind.
  5. Nathan Outeridge has some big and exciting decisions ahead.
  6. Bruni not Spithill driving on that port gybe boundary force. Just to correct the commentary
  7. When he releases the Prada Pirelli Purse made of foil.....
  8. I wish you sailed at my club. You and I, would be friends.
  9. My Uffa Fox designed Albacore, and not shown I also have an Ackroyd like Steve Clark is restoring. Both are great boats that demonstrate the advances in hull form design and sail plans for their respective entries into the market.
  10. If light at the top mark, we may see a displacement finish win!
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