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  1. I would hope, again as a remote but interested observer, that both sides will have reason to be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Any reports of Spanish orca pods migrating to the South China Sea?
  3. From a Yank watching this s—t fight from the other side of the pond, the question that jumps to mind for those predicting the UK’s imminent post Brexit demise, would you rather be proven right or wrong?
  4. As a transplanted Californian living briefly on the US East Coast and used to driving nice cars, that would have been a tempting solution to parking in public lots.
  5. I remember Dam Neck (or was it Dahlgren?). They actually had an instrument approach into the small airfield there and I used to fly over from Andrews to practice in an old T28, keeping up my proficiency. I was a jet jock doing a staff tour in DC and I hadn't flown out of a small airfield since Primary training. God, what a lot of fun and a fascinating area to explore by air or boat. I may or may not have made a few mock strafing passes on small, suspected VC infiltration craft on the river nearby.
  6. So, one of your complaints is he makes a lot of money?
  7. I'm not a fan, nor am I on Facebook, but, to his credit, he's obviously OK with getting his ass spanked in the J80 fleet for a while so he's at least open to a dose of humility. I'd say that speaks well of his ego.
  8. Without France, there would likely never have been a USA. We don't forget. And Dassault still makes some of the best airplanes in the world, so it's hardly a technological or academic wasteland over there. Of course, I'm also a big fan of England. Can't we all just get along?
  9. I’m ashamed but have to agree the most geographically clueless people on earth are “average Americans”.
  10. Yeah, what’s with South Dakota? Are those fractional drilling proceeds being stashed away? Might see some mega yachts in Newport Beach with hailing ports like Pierre and Sioux Falls.
  11. I'd just be happy if I could get to Devon and Cornwall.
  12. Looks a lot like a Yamah 33, except for the narrow beam, with about the same PHRF and Stealing's comments would almost exactly apply. You might look for one of those as well.
  13. In the late 60s, as a college ROTC Midshipman, I stood conning officer watches on the bridge of a destroyer escort entering and leaving Pearl Harbor. All warships at the time had a Combat Information Center (CIC) belowdecks where they kept a similar plot to the WECDIS described above and our CIC would use it to relay heading and speed recommendations to the bridge based on that plot. The ship's position was regularly updated with bearing info transmitted from the bridge by the Quartermaster of the Watch using a pelorus on the bridge repeater of the ship's main gyro. Even so, my recollection i
  14. Don't know if its as easy to point the finger at Brexit, or any other explanation, as the sole source of the shortages. Right now in the US we are starting to see empty shelves again in our stores and suggestions that fuel shortages are looming and, so far as I know, there haven't been any Bosnian or Slovenian truck drivers driven out by Biden's border policies. There are images of hundreds of container ships loitering off LA and Long Beach harbors as I type with no drivers or longshoreman to unload them. I think, for reasons that may take a while to sort out, Covid has had a more far reaching
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