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  1. We have PubMed if anything related to life sciences https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/ I'm sure there is some equivalent to search articles published in all disciplines of science, like researchgate https://www.researchgate.net/
  2. Lots of great ones. For something different: Glen Campbell
  3. Guy LeDouche for communications director and Lesbian Robot for speech writer.
  4. Sorry I don't have anything positive or suggestions, just a personal experience. After Hurricane Ike salt water storm surge in Galveston, all the utilities were shut down for a period. First to come back was the electricity, after about 2-3 weeks. Last, after 2-3 months was natural gas. Apparently after the salt water level rose over the gas meters and lines, the utility company felt it necessary to replace every fitting that went under water before restoring service. If the sequelae of your tropical storms is salt water surge, natural gas might not be best energy source. I've
  5. Or to at least have your head away from the window
  6. I think the problem with DIY is making sure refrigerant stays in system with no air gaps. They don't sell you just tanks of freon and kit to pull vacuum and fill lines. There are some systems designed for DIY, just have to pay attention to connections (they come with fully charged lines).
  7. https://images.app.goo.gl/acaiC24D6TuejLWq6
  8. Price about right. My son coming home to Chicago from ASU/Phoenix area. We've shipped and driven both. Costs way up this year, worse west to east. No names I'd recommend. Be aware when you use the UShip brokers, they are just that, arranging transport from a third party. If you use those sites be prepared to get a dozen calls/texts within 15 mins. When we were looking, the big car auction sites use enclosed trailers for a little more, Reliable, Pilot and Mecum. May be able to get a better rate with them if you can get car to one of the big collector car auction sites to fill
  9. I really enjoyed the "retro-boat" videos, sorry to see it not work.  Would you ever think about connecting with a boat brokerage and doing the presentations for promoting sale of boats?  That might fund some independent work too.

  10. Never trust the LORAN-C
  11. "Hold still, just a little scratchy feeling"
  12. woudaboy


    Here is video, sorry not fitting for joke thread. To make up for the lack of joke, why did the turkey cross the road twice? To prove he wasn't chicken.
  13. My dad knew his dad from work, and all the other regional aerospace folks. A very close circle at the time. It was how we all had summer college jobs. In the Falcons case, it went "off the rails." I went to HS with Boyce's younger brother
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