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  1. The wiring from the chartplotter(GPS) to the VHF looks good. Have you changed the NMEA data input on the new VHF to 4800 baud? The Raynav probably doesn’t support DSC. You could disconnect the wiring from the VHF to the chartplotter as I think that is to send DSC information to the chartplotter. Good luck
  2. Here is a cheat sheet for anyone who may be dealing with a Zeus 3 plotter for the first time. Sorry about the formatting, it was a cut and paste. B&G Zeus3 MFD January 2020 Settings- Depending on the settings, changes may only show on the MFD that they are changed on. Other MFD’s may need to have the settings changed individually. To open Settings- from Home screen, press wheel icon on the UL corner of screen. To open Home screen, press hard or soft button that shows 3x3 squares icon. Rotate the dial on UR to change selection, use selector knob below to move
  3. Ha, They change the definitions just to make our lives more interesting. Glad I could help.
  4. Ajax, not sure if you have tried this. Under Settings/Chart / Course Highway-check the box- to show a line to the waypoint. This might solve your problem.
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