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  2. Solution: Now part of the environment. You're welcome. Now pay me.
  3. Between several boatyards too. Yeah.. they closed that one. Brilliant decision. Also closed the one near Raritan YC, and opened one up shoved next to a Shop Rite. At least I can go buy ham if I need to hit up West.
  4. West Marine?? We have one in NJ.. I'm not telling you where it is.
  5. I heard some Arlo Guthrie song... the one where you pay the $5 and still talk out the garbage
  6. Yeah.. I fell for that a while back. Pretty stupid in hindsight.
  7. As long as I get the answer I want...
  8. Screw Punxsutawney Phil. I prefer to listen to Staten Island Chuck. He said spring will be early. They say the NYC Mayor dropped and killed him a few years ago. I think that was some of that fake news stuff.
  9. I had the nose swab/PCR on the 2nd. 5 days before surgery. Negative. This week I seem to have a cold & I'm debating on getting a test again. I think I just have a cold.
  10. I was hoping to see this happen on the NBC replay on the US east coast, but it looks like I'm just recording ads.
  11. do any of you remember the gong show? Loved that show when I was a wee tot.
  12. I'm hoping someone tuned him up.
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