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  1. This is the kind of thing you’d expect to see if General Motors was commissioned to design and build a sailboat. That transom flap must be a detachable paddle board right?
  2. It’s what happens when you paint your bottom with liquid viagra
  3. It’s the lastest 30 something with all the most modern superlatives, adjectives and adornments that money can buy.
  4. I told the yard to drain the tanks.
  5. Good or total disaster? Who says those are mutually exclusive? This will be like watching NASCAR just a bit slower.
  6. Is this person’s full time job at the post office or RMV?
  7. Ring ring ring. Hi, boat club? Yes we are done with our rental can you come pick it up?
  8. Dude I know you want it to look like an accident, but getting your fat ass wife onto the boat will cost a bit more.
  9. Swiftsure II. Cal Maritime’s Schumacher 54
  10. Begs the question what you are doing in your foulies to create so much friction
  11. It’s a procedure known as an Addadicktome. Fairly common these days. Starts as a prosthetic until the crew is ready to take a full carbon tube.
  12. This video should give a little history and some grins too.
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