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  1. I told the yard to drain the tanks.
  2. Good or total disaster? Who says those are mutually exclusive? This will be like watching NASCAR just a bit slower.
  3. Is this person’s full time job at the post office or RMV?
  4. Ring ring ring. Hi, boat club? Yes we are done with our rental can you come pick it up?
  5. Dude I know you want it to look like an accident, but getting your fat ass wife onto the boat will cost a bit more.
  6. Swiftsure II. Cal Maritime’s Schumacher 54
  7. Begs the question what you are doing in your foulies to create so much friction
  8. It’s a procedure known as an Addadicktome. Fairly common these days. Starts as a prosthetic until the crew is ready to take a full carbon tube.
  9. This video should give a little history and some grins too.
  10. I think a lot of these chains are going down hill fast. I just bought some Interlux Perfection (2 part) paint from regional supplier Hamilton Marine a couple weeks ago. I got suited up, respirator on, floor swept and wet, boat tacked off, only to go and mix the paint and when opening the hardener, it was already kicked off. Upon reading the paint code, the can is over 12 years old. WTF?? I would have used Jamestown Distributors but they had the color back ordered. So the boat was supposed to be done and in the water by now but thanks to Hamilton Marine and their apparent lack of care in p
  11. I happened upon this auction while on a zoom call today. No the zoom call had nothing to do with boats, but this seemed more interesting in light of all the meter boats and tortured class-fitting hull forms popping up on SA as of late, https://e.givesmart.com/events/f8c/i/_Auction/b2OQ/ Wouldn't it be nice to see a total-cost-of-ownership estimate in every boat listing? Who doesn't want an easy boat to sail that's slippery off the wind? Sorry, does not come with trailer.
  12. PVC pipe only comes so long and after putting a bunch of sections together they probably ran out of glue.
  13. Great boat. If the trailer is new, dude is never gonna get that cost back for his intended value transfer.
  14. Reminds me of Fazisi, the more you look around the more you scratch your head.
  15. What a great boat. This particular one was run by a fellow who raced it with an aged crew who had many physical handicaps and they still did very well. Just goes to show how a great design can extend the life of the boat and crew.
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