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  1. New Bertrand design (#168) from Cape Yachts got damaged in transit from Cape Town to FRA, no TJV this year https://www.facebook.com/teamcourbon/photos/a.893600604890156/893600578223492/
  2. if you put in a toggle the backstay will functionally get longer by the length of the toggle. Doesn't look like it needs to be longer. Others further up this thread have given you good advice about not needing a toggle Swapping the eyes on the rod end are still the easiest if the threads are the same diameter. You might even be able to find some shoulder bushings that you can insert from the jaw opening side of the hydraulic adjuster, then when the eye is inserted everything stays in place. Then all you need is a proper length clevis pin
  3. Find some SS tubing and make a bushing. Liberally coat with Tef-gel or lanacote so it lessens the chance it fuses to the backstay cylinder jaw Alternatively the eye on the end of the rod is threaded together, if the 1/2" eye uses the same rod cap then it can be swapped in place. It doesn't appear to be staked
  4. George- if you are in Charleston there are plenty of knowledgeable people there who can help you with this. Best choices are Tuff-luff 1205 or a Harken 7000. the Harken is lighter weight if that matters. The stock Facnor furler uses #5 tapes
  5. Is the one on the left a scow?
  6. Thanks LeoV, have seen those.
  7. are you referring to the website or are you on some "special" list?
  8. Looking at the AIS data, 969 was doing 17+ knots coming into the finish. Hopefully someone got photos or videos since it was still daylight when he finished
  9. The one I put on the 111 is the Harken 7000.15m, works great
  10. If you have a -10 headstay then a 1205 foil will work although finding one long enough in length may be a problem The Harken foil (7000 model) is also for -12 and #5 tapes so this might also be an option, if you can get one long enough.
  11. Radio (VHF and HF) audio forecasts only. No cell service, no iridium
  12. Agreed that was a bold move especially with starboard jibe being so heavily favored. Could have been a repair issue or trying a riskier move since worst she'd drop to is 4th. At the last sched 969 is seriously lit up 12.7knots instant speed with a 4hr avg of 12.4, sailed 2.4 miles more than 1019 in those 4hrs
  13. What size is your forestay? The 1706 you mention is designed to fit a maximum -17 rod and use #6 tapes. Just like a 1205 is -12 rod and #5 tapes. Harken uses different numbers but is pretty much the same sizing scheme
  14. Hopefully the tracker on 969 will get sorted out, it hasn't reported a position since last night at 2130.
  15. This was why I asked about the pilot, the NKE stuff second to none. Even without the pilot, NKE is still a great option.
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