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  1. Kinder industries https://www.kinderindustries.com/product-category/custom-products-marine/cruising-racing-canvas-lifeline-covers/
  2. And before you put anything down measure from the jib tack fitting to be sure the marks are in the same place
  3. Russell, you might want to check with Tylaska about adding a fast pin like this. This is a T40 but might be possible to add to a smaller size
  4. Has PHRF given you a rating adjustment for the water ballast?
  5. There are plenty of scoring options available on the 2021 certs including single number W/L as well as light, medium or heavy wind W/L as Ryley showed from his 2017 cert. There is also the matter that one of the boats scored does not appear to have a 2021 cert so it is an apples to pears comparison. Moving forward with your experiment things like sail sizes are going to take some effort to have meaningful ORC ratings, for example if a boat is sailing with genoas and it is only rated for non overlapping jib (code 2 in PHRF-NW) it is going to be a garbage in-garbage out situation.
  6. If they are plunger pin style shackles, entirely possible the pin has become bent, only takes a little bit of bend. This will cause the shackle to open on its own. It never gets better
  7. https://www.thewarmingstore.com/stormr-mens-swell-neoprene-hoodie-black.html?mainc=R515MF-01-M&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplpR515MF-01-M&sc_intid=R515MF-01-M&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7NKBBhDBARIsAHbXCB6M9EspueuyhsEEbaUH0SmvJJHTA0HRsVRW89VZTdGip2gWSeS0LKsaAuk2EALw_wcB Not exact but close
  8. You are assuming that the original person took those steps. I have seen plenty that were not assembled correctly. Just like the advice that you can re-head/reuse rods, all well and good if the sections don't have things like spreader bends. Re-heading screws up the location of the spreader bends
  9. If memory serves your mast has these fittings Sometimes they come apart cleanly, other times you will be filling up the swear jaw. The big problem is the threaded barrel joining these was often an aluminum piece.
  10. Should not be tough to reorg things so the checkstays get snugged with the windward primary or get their own self contained tackle with cleat. For the spinnaker sheets could either share the winches with the mainsheet or go to the primaries. both systems take a little bit of juggling but not impossible.
  11. More info needed- boat size/type and as Samsonite asked, is it jack and shims or just a jack?
  12. Exactly and easily reached from the helm. This winch setup might also allow for the german mainsheet system to stay with the re-routing of the lines coming aft on the deck from the mast.
  13. Do you have any winches aft of the primaries? Could these be used for the mainsheet?
  14. Sounds like you need the same splice common to many in mast furling systems. These are typically done with plain polyester double braids, like Sta-Set or XLS
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