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  1. The price is now under 50k for this old cup boat. Is it just that low because the boats are not cheap to maintain and very limited in use or is there more going on? Trying to convince friends in local city hall this could be a great piece of art for our water front. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2000/custom-americas-cup-class-75-3856852/
  2. That is fortissimo 2. She was in St Pete all winter and is heading back up north for summer. Not sure if they have the short keel on the trailer or left it here.
  3. That is something I had not thought of but will see if we can set that up. Thanks for the idea
  4. I would like to invite anyone interested in short handed distance racing to join next years Regatta Del Sol al Sol, April 22-30. This will be the 51 running of the event from St Petersburg, Florida to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The race is 450 miles of open water sailing after you leave Tampa Bay. We are adding a double handed fleet this year as we feel this event presents a great distance for those looking to gain more experience in double handed ocean racing but races like Bermuda or the Transpac might be to long. We also believe this distance might fall somewhere in the distance/time that has be
  5. Since I just sold her this is my favorite for now
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