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  1. Maptech has a service that shows the tide direction and strength on the chart itself.
  2. I dunno man, that sounds.......wacky.
  3. Stop dodging! Are you saying Popeil owned AIV?
  4. I would do the work on the island. Overall cheaper & safer.
  5. Having witnessed and been directly impacted by at least 4 such boom and bust cycles I would normally agree with you. However, Covid has changed everything including typically expected economic outcomes. When my clients ask me “what is going on and how long will it be going on for?” I tell them that I believe the current boom will last for as long as the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates low and that the Fed has to keep interest rates low until all of those empty storefronts in retail malls are filled. I think the correct number is that 70% of American employment is from small bus
  6. Wait a minute...isn't that Atessa IV? Here is AIV in San Diego; that's us sailing in the foreground:
  7. water level in the batteries. Such a pain I went with gels.
  8. I have a "Team Deplorables" flag. It's timeless.
  9. Just me, but w/o a backstay don't the headsails come down and the main serves as a sort of backstay? Is this boat in line or swept?
  10. Interesting. What is the difference between those 2 cities?
  11. I don't know. It destroyed the sacrificial sheet much like bleach will burn holes in your jeans, but it served it's purpose. Better & easier than a tub or pail (for me anyway) which was never a consideration. Left a thin white residue that wiped off.
  12. I have a Colligo CN3 continuous line furler on our 32' MH sprit boat. As remarked the cable is key; tension must be kept up because halyards & tack lines stretch and if you don't have enough tension the drum might spin. Twings will help roll things up evenly. We very easily launch & retrieve into the oversized anchor locker which allows us to keep all of the lines (except the halyard) attached.
  13. I used to wrap a flat sheet around the keel and soak that with muriatic; kept the acid where I wanted it, used less, could leave it to soak overnight or while I did something else
  14. Parma


    I think the real reason for the rule in the TP is to enable boats to get up and stay up for longer periods, making the boats slightly faster, the race slightly more fun & competitive all of which encourages participation. Others might say that the exception is really there to level the game between those who might stretch the rules and those who play by them. Less water in the cockpit & stability are just by-products of the real intent. Maybe. Don't know about the OR but being shorthanded and being able to move sails about when you can / want to probably had something to do with i
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