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  1. There's a Beneteau 49 down at the end of K dock /Marina Cortez on Harbor island that has only left the dock twice in 3 years. Owner lives in Puetro Vallarta or somewhere like that. As long as you give it a good wash after, he should not mind.
  2. Everybody gotta die sometime, Red.
  3. Get a Transpac 52 and convert it into a cruiser. Easy peasy.
  4. Who the fuck finds that attractive? Those pieces of shit are like the Mac26gxe's of dumb fucking cunts.
  5. right around 90 variably depending on local conditions
  6. That's unfortunate. I don't know about others but I often find myself needing to tack to avoid grounding or collisions. Knowing I can tack/manuever quickly & easily is reassuring. Takes the stress out of the sail. Let's see: what else? Expensive to berth & can flip upside down. Pass.
  7. I will take it for $5,000, but you'll have to pay cash: no personal checks
  8. Practical? For who? the navi?
  9. Some (most?) health insurance providers will mail you one for free: might come in handy to prove your ongoing status if you got up at zero dark thirty to volunteer only to be assailed by an overwrought values validating covifascist. Ask me how I know. Not doing that again. I also heard that some of the drive through testing sites might give you a test at home kit for free if you ask for one when getting tested.
  10. That post constitutes the kitchen sink of crap the competition is throwing at this boat. The misogynistic bathroom is another.
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