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  1. I love it! I just wonder what the pulse 600 crowd is going to do when a strike 20 built for 5k turns out to be faster than the pulse 600.
  2. There are several boats that have chased the small, high performance trimaran niche. Motive 25, Seacart 26, Diam 24, Multi 23... Then we have the searail 19, Trailer tris, Astus trimarans, Windriders. I would love to see a 6.5m ish trimaran take off, but I think it won't come from a builder like corsair. Look at the huskey 6.5, which could be built for less than 10K. I would love to see a class like the i550, except the boat would be a trimaran. http://trimaranproject.blogspot.com/p/mamacocha-first-husky-6.html How much faster would the pulse be compared to the huskey 6.5? 30K fas
  3. There's nothing I'd like more than to see a boat like this take off... But I doubt it will. Look at the numbers, for every 100 sailors, there is one racer, and for every 100 racers, there is one multi racer. How many mono racers switch to multis? That number is lower yet. Want cheap OD racing? get a lightning, or a thistle... The world just sucks sometimes.
  4. How are the foils scaled? The T foils appear larger in scale when compared to a moth or rave.
  5. Does the T-foil/iflap combination offer any advantages over the Cfly approach? Just for fun here is a video of a hobie trifoiler vs. a rave
  6. It's good that you don't place emphasis on the recognition of your designs. It doesn't really matter how much you suck at your hobby, as long as you enjoy it, right? Hopefully, posting your sage advice on the forums 24/7 doesn't get in the way of all of your handyman jobs.
  7. So, eh, how many Chris O designs sort of made it to the front page? Your level of congratulatory sincerity matches the relivance of your opinion as a "designer."
  8. Congratulations Doug! The new foil shape looks to have promise! Dick Newick said he likes to spend 1/3 of his time designing, 1/3 of his time sailing and 1/3 of his time building. Don't forget to sail the boat and have some fun. You are only a couple of iterations away from a kickstarter project! If some crazy bastard can start a kickstarter project for potato salad, you could start one for a foiling trimaran.
  9. Here is another funny Chris O spoof post... Now, back to the topic at hand; intelligent,elegant and economical boat design! Here is a prototype of a "skin on frame" canoe made from duct tape, PVC pipe and Hefty Bags. I call it the Garbaggio Special. Although any type of garbage bag would work, I have found through extensive testing and personal experience that Hefty bags make a superior canoe. Beaching is an important activity a boat should be able to endure. If you can't drag your boat hundreds of yards across the sand and gravel because it's too fragile, then it simply is a p
  10. Chris, U funny! Calling yourself a designer... What's also funny is that Eric Sponberg posted catamaran beam scantling equations on boatdesign.net - Are you saying he isn't a designer of merit?
  11. Chris, Good to see that you have developed an interest in math. What scantling equations do you use for your multihull designs?
  12. Here is another Chris O spoof, posted under the name Chr!s 0 Another Satisfied amateur boatbuilder-owner! I always enjoy seeing photographs of my designs once they have taken shape. It gives me a great deal of pleasures. A distinguished southern gentlemen commissioned this design for a simple, economical bass boat. The design was wildly successful considering I was somewhat limited by the scope of the customer's skill set and budget, but I'm always up to the challenge of creating a design that is right for the owner in every respect. After all, that is what separates the great design
  13. Here is another Classic Chris O spoof post, which he threatened to sue over... that was kinda funny,,, This boat was commissioned by a fellow who was very active in the Nigerian Sex slave trade. He needed a boat that was stable, beach-able and had plenty of room below for cargo (ha ha). It's easily driven hulls allowed for the efficient transportation of his future women of the night. It's cedar strip hulls and recycled beach cat rig make it an economical boat to build and operate. I am told he is quite happy with the design and that kidnappings of young women is up 300% in Nigeri
  14. "Lummy isn't even on the same page... dude! you're trying too hard and it doesn't work. Go back to polymers and let us know how it works for ya? How's that copyright infringement stuff working for you, these days? I kinda got that you found it a bit like having a really heavy turd lodged in your neck and you had to shut it down while the docs did a number on you. If someone wants to suppose as to how I spend my time, then take a long look at the Lummy and see what time he's spent. If there's a stalker in the room, that's the pecker head that should get your attention. Personally, I tried t
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