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  1. Well if there are no offshore races for the big toy, you might as well start racing inshore on a smaller toy.
  2. And what’s happening with the Southport on Oct long wknd. To be canned or already canned?
  3. How about a Sydney around Lord Howe / Balls Pyramid and back race? 850ish miles and open ocean, could be good fun...
  4. You stepped away from the main????!
  5. 7plus.com.au. but InfoTrack feed replaced by Gordon Ramsey's kitchen disasters.
  6. Box, starkers in tether.... Special times and the kinda stuff legends are made of. You'll never forget it. Someone bring him a copy of New Weekly... Have a great race boys!
  7. anyone know what the Yellow Brick tracker race name is for the pond crossing?
  8. I know, still early days. But looks windy in the strait.
  9. Just saw ABC shots on Channel 24 they are parked at the Pot and so close they can talk to another
  10. Oops posted that in the wrong place. One beer too many perhaps or just the excitement of it all?
  11. YellowBrick still feeding Expedition?
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