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  1. Texel, OMR, Bama, multi200 and some more are almost the same ratings with some small difference and descend from the Texel rating were Nico Boom was the creator.
  2. I never had that before only square meter price or catamaran price what is 1,5x. If you fold you are only priced for the square meter you use.
  3. some info from the old Farrier site https://web.archive.org/web/20161008025243/http://www.f-boat.com/pages/trimarans/F-82.html
  4. Go to the Farrier / Corsair forum there are many owners of F25 / F82 https://fct.groups.io Get an account and ask your question.
  5. I did buy the 180 because the 100 was on the limit and have more than once that it was over the end and then the value change to the wrong numbers.
  6. I see that you put the sensor different as in mentioned in the manual, does it work ok this way? I place mine like this as in the manual
  7. why she has a reef in the main.
  8. I did find Amel did not make some good tactical decisions he could have easily cached Maxime and now he decides to stay on a lee shore with that wind. The next storm is coming in and I think Clarisse is going to pass him.
  9. Still convinced Amel will pass him? He is constantly on the south side of Maxime were there is less wind.
  10. Amel is staying in the low wind zone wile Maxime is sailing away from him with a higher speed, he is not been able to close the cap between them for a couple of days now. I should say gybe go were the wind is. There is been mentioned what will is boat do if he was in the same wind zone, his boat is good but his strategie is bad I think till now he was lucky with the wind and could sail a strait line as he does now.
  11. I find that Amel is not that clever in his rooting he is only following Maxime and is staying in the low wind patch, If he gyps away he gets some more wind and he can then pass Maxime who is sailing with an older model and at most the same speed.
  12. What is the use for your correction if you don't have a working windsensor. I think it is not a problem to switch the correction table.
  13. As a back-up it it is still better than noting in strong winds, Mine works ok even with the rotating mast I have. They have nmea2000 so it is easy to switch from sensor if the preferred one stops working. You can then wait till the winds get les strong to repair the cups on the preferred one. You can also put both on the nmea2000 bus an select the on you need in the displays.
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