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  1. Thanks, I am still exploring the possibilities what can be trimmed so many things (foils, canting rig, water ballast)
  2. This year I have played a little with my setup and is working ok now after stripping some cover from the dyneema to run it easier thru the blocks. http://f32thriller.blogspot.com/2018/12/canting-rig-option-setup.html One thing I have to fix is my rotating sensor what had so little room for the magnet what was twisted of during canting of the mast. This weekend give it another try after some adjustment of the magnet.
  3. I troughed your are also Paul Watson
  4. 4tied do you have multiple accounts?
  5. I total agree with this, if there was an option to do that than I have done that but the mounts are not in the plans.
  6. I build my beams with carbon (no glas) for my F32. It was the project I started the build of my F32 because of the limited space needed. I finished them in one year inclusive sailing and racing on my other boat during the summer. The cost were a +/- 5000 Euro on material and that was for special strong beams for foils in the floats. The weight is 26 kg a piece, I think for the F27 they can be lighter. I think if you can make a mother mold from the remaining beams you can build quicker and I can give you the laminating scheme of the F32 and how to build them.
  7. I have a CV-7 and it is in is third season and works ok for me with a rotating mast with a Honeywell sensor for compensation.
  8. I have a Karver KMS40 track and cars and they don't have ball bearings. You can get the cars with a different plastic insert made for the Antal HS22 but it stays a slider car.
  9. Texel, OMR, Bama, multi200 and some more are almost the same ratings with some small difference and descend from the Texel rating were Nico Boom was the creator.
  10. I never had that before only square meter price or catamaran price what is 1,5x. If you fold you are only priced for the square meter you use.
  11. some info from the old Farrier site https://web.archive.org/web/20161008025243/http://www.f-boat.com/pages/trimarans/F-82.html
  12. Go to the Farrier / Corsair forum there are many owners of F25 / F82 https://fct.groups.io Get an account and ask your question.
  13. I did buy the 180 because the 100 was on the limit and have more than once that it was over the end and then the value change to the wrong numbers.
  14. I see that you put the sensor different as in mentioned in the manual, does it work ok this way? I place mine like this as in the manual
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