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  1. Looks like it is about 10 turns according to other forums.
  2. Here is a picture of mine in the open position. You can see the line on the shaft of the closed position.
  3. Magnesium anodes for fresh water.
  4. A good grounding system on a boat in saltwater should work (you never know with lightning) pretty well. In fresh water a good grounding system is nice, but it is more difficult to dissipate the lightning strike due to the low conductivity of the fresh water. With that said, I had a boat with a simple system, mast grounded to the keel. Took a strike and toasted some electronics. Had another boat with no grounding system and carbon rig and survived 20 years with no strikes. Now I have a boat fully grounded, mast, shrouds, stanchions ect. I'm in fresh water. What's your big urge to get rid of t
  5. Are you sailing in fresh or salt water? You might want to rethink that statement about carbon conducting electricity. It generally is a poor conductor and compared to metals.
  6. I hope I haven't gone to tame in my old age. My kids wanted me to buy a 111. Have to get you out for a sail sooner than later.
  7. I looked at three 115s in the last year. Ended up buying something else, but overall the boats seemed like a decent bang for the buck. One of the boats I looked at had a serious grounding incident. Not sure if I've ever seen so much carbon laid into a keel stub before. I was looking for the sprit version. Wasn't to many available.
  8. Thanks!! We do have a bit of work to do to figure out how to use the cushions and standing headroom.
  9. Bought a 35'boat 11.5 beam, 7' draft that was in the water back in November on the east coast. I was pretty involved in the derigging to save a few bucks and learn the boat. Had it trucked 600 miles to the great lakes and unloaded. A little over 6k$ spent on marina fees and trucking. Did have a little help from a friend in the industry to help me with logistics which saved $$.
  10. Upwind slogs in a Henderson tend to become forever memories:) Bought a old man boat....J109
  11. Yep.......Safe, sound and secure. Just purchased it a couple weeks ago.
  12. My boat is sitting about 100' north of the rack/ launch. They say it might be a week before we get access to check the condition of them.
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