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  1. It looks like Mazepin’s training wheels fell off!
  2. Damn, I only went for the titanium. Maybe that’s why they didn’t last! I am going to upgrade to the Teflon Blinker Fluid!
  3. I can't do it this week, but I hope to match your Buy-In next week! I'm slamming the brakes on the car really hard at every stoplight in the hopes that more coins come out from under the seat! The good news is that I found my missing VCR Remote under the couch cushions! And, I haven't ordered anything from Midway USA in the last month!
  4. I can't even get Nevr-Dull in California, anymore! https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/george-basch-company-case-settlement
  5. Fuck, I'm well overdue on changing my Muffler Bearings and Blinker Fluid!
  6. But, I do consider SMB (AKA Bagel Bay) to be bordered by Pt. Dume and Pt. Vicente. How San Peedro gets tossed into Santa Monica Bay, I'll never understand! It's like Santa Cruz being part of San Francisco Bay. It's NOT! Oy Vey!
  7. In a way, it is! This area is my home waters. It is also the Home of PHRF. Frank Dair created PHRF in San Pedro. It would probably make him sad to see what a political cesspool it has become. He would also probably be sad to see the pollution that's happened in his old waters.
  8. Practical Sailor ran some tests, and found that Citric Acid was the cheapest, simplest way to passivate stainless for the ordinary person: https://www.practical-sailor.com/brief/the-acid-test-why-buy-something-you-can-make-yourself
  9. @Charlie Foxtrot Don’t know if this belongs in the Arsenal or your Lawnmower thread, but it belongs in your yard!
  10. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fake-covid-19-certificates-hit-airlines-which-now-have-to-police-them-11618330621?mod=flipboard
  11. In a few months, when the vaccine is available to everyone on earth, it will be the individual's responsibility to be vaccinated. If someone who is not vaccinated gets sick, it will be on them. I have had my first shot. I got a card that indicates that I got my first shot. Its something that I could draw up and print on my iPad in about four minutes. How will a bouncer at the bar distinguish a real Immunization Card from a fake one, when they can barely tell a real Driver's License from a fake? And remember when our Social Security Cards stated "Not to be used for Identification"?
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