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  1. Dad said “Boy, you keep doin’ that and you’ll go blind”! I said “Dad, I’m over here”!
  2. No, but some are reversible. Probably only a few 1/1000’s will cause an issue. I’ve had both of these issues, and both sounded like the original post. Basically, the pump looses its priming and sucks air until it gets enough suction with the higher revs. The side plates, I replaced them. The shaft seals, I got a whole new pump assembly for a Yanmar 2 banger for around $200. I figured labor to replace the seals would have been way higher than that! Took me 15 minutes to switch it out, and I was happily on my way. Lasted the rest of my time on the boat.
  3. Do you have an accumulator tank? If so, remove it! Other than that, these pumps commonly have issues with the pressure sensor.
  4. Sounds like the raw water pump. The shaft seal is blown, or the side plates are worn.
  5. Like Muriatic Acid, don’t get it on you out any other metal bits!
  6. Len won’t be answering his phone this week!
  7. I have a spasm that acts up periodically from an old injury. I saw a massage therapist a few years ago after it was flaring up. She had me roll on a 6" diameter, 36" long foam roller. It uses your body weight to get things moving around. One of my better $20 purchases!
  8. Don’t forget to change your Spark Plug Filters annually!
  9. So that they could have a landmark called “Big Rock”?!
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