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  1. I’ve called the cops on several trespassers on my property that wouldn't leave when asked, a private parking area that is posted with No Trespassing, No Smoking, and No Loitering signs. They like to sit and smoke. The LAPD RARELY responds, even when the trespassers have threatened me with violence and I have related this to the dispatchers! Serval times, they have responded over an hour later, so that they have given the trespassers time to finish up and move along.
  2. The Honda Point disaster. North Santa Barbara county. The captain of the last ship in line knew they turned in too soon, and stopped his ship before running aground! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Point_disaster
  3. If you’re watching live, you can have several screens going at the same time (I don’t think you could synchronize if streaming). I want to cast it from my iPad to the 82” 4K tv, and run the data screen on the laptop PC. And, yeah, I’ve had a few spoilers by looking at Facebook!
  4. It’s not only funny, it’s true!
  5. He does have the most personality out of everybody on the grid! His shit eating grin during and after driving Dale Earnhardt’s car was great. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him gripe about anything. But sometimes I do appreciate Räikkönen‘s and Vettel’s dryness.
  6. Get the subscription to F1 TV, $79.99 a year! You can watch all races live, or stream them later. Lots of extra content! I got it mostly for the archives, but I really like all the new stuff too! I’ve watched races on my PC and iPad. I cast races from my iPad to my tv’s. It was great watching the Mexican GP on the new 82” Samsung! You can select several different screens during practice, qualifying, and races, a data screen, and in-car cameras. I have Rectum Cable, and could only get a few practice and qualifying sessions.
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