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  1. catsailor


    Wow you're quite the douchebag. This woman did something unbelievably brave, yet you think she should mention a freaking rape kit to be taken seriously????? LOSER! Scot, please ban this jerk. And PeterHuston, right on. Shut it down and shut the doors. Someone will speak.
  2. Hearing rumors about an American site being chatted up for 37. Other than UK and Doha - any other real venues being considered by ETNZ?
  3. First ever in-water spy shots of this Cup yacht, they’re supposed to be grainy! It’s boxier than IMOCA, almost looks like the box she came in. Definitely not as sexy as the Kiwi weapon, but fast is not always pretty.
  4. Look who is going yachting...
  5. BTW, Anyone notice how many brand new users are on this thread? Methinks the C420 builders have a few sock puppets....
  6. Wait, what?? You paid $15,000 for a CLUB 420??
  7. The Class is doing a strong job on communications on the issue. This statement is clear and unambiguous with facts. Considering the politics and personalities that are inherent with this sort of thing, I’m impressed with the way the Class has operated. Glad I’m not on that Board...
  8. This is a garden tea party. If this were an ISAF Class they would be firing up there chainsaws already.
  9. Imagine a corporate sponsorship guy looking at this - and not having an idea what he is looking at.
  10. So bringing it back to the weight issue. If the hulls can be made 30 lbs lighter with this tech, but they measure in weight wise, then where is the “unneeded” material? Low and in middle, with stiffer structure around the CB box (based on the pic above)? If so then I sure would want one, as a boat with those characteristics could make the existing fleet obsolete. If this were an ISAF Class all hell would be breaking loose. Have been told infusion was brought up a year or two ago with the Class and the Class rejected. Anyone know if that’s true?
  11. PYC has a great junior program and it's only 15 min south of there Great name... even better paintjob Kitty! Udderly fabulous
  12. Here's my vote for the fastest I'll second that... Yep, we sailed that bad boy from Yarmouth to Yarmouth back in 01 (or was it 02 Jerk?) in 12 hours and change, doing over 20 knots dodging fishing boats and fogbanks the last 30 miles. Sure Surprised the hell out of the RC and got em out of bed when we called it at the finish... nothing is faster or scarier up there. The Cat ferry was so boring going home the next day at 45 knots! Dickey's wonder wagon is a total machine. I've been told Faamu Sami means literally "Burns the Water"... indeed.
  13. You know it baby... she hunts, rides snowmachines and knows how to do a Mexican douse on a Melges (OK, I made that up but you know she could if asked!), how could I resist? Ian just gave a report to his class about his summer, racing with Kitty was at the top of the list!
  14. Hey Kitty, I didn't think they let 35s into California anymore? Something about environmental concerns? hehehe Hope they got a good deal, that shipping with $5/gal diesel on the way is gonna hurt!
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