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  1. There has never been a serious side effect from a vaccine more than 8 weeks after it was given. why the fuck would you let people die preventable deaths for two years? I have patients who suffer from post-polio syndrome. They would have loved to get those vaccines sooner. Your thinking would have killed thousands. There is no plausible biological reason for waiting. We have given close to 400 million doses over the past 10 months. We would know by now if there were any serious consequences. There are not. Your google does not equal a PhD.
  2. Try Zuma boat inc (http://www.halfhull.net/index.htm) I had 3 halfhulls done there and the results were great. He wouldnt take a deposit, he sent progress pictures, and the models themselves were just what I wanted. Very reasonable pricing.
  3. When Fauci said the things he did about not buying masks, the evidence for asymptomatic spread was not concerning. Since in most respiratory diseases, people have symptoms before becoming infectious, the reasoning was that people who were infectious would stay home and not infect others. Thus the masks could be saved for medical workers whom would be in direct risk for contracting the disease. Once it was known that a great deal of spread was from asymptomatic people, Fauci changed his recommendation. Thats how science works. You make the best decisions based on what you know at the time
  4. How will Trump Sycophants spin this when Hes on tape saying it https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/09/politics/bob-woodward-rage-book-trump-coronavirus/index.html
  5. Lots of different ways clubs are dealing with covid. Singlehanded, Doublehanded, crew limited by length of boat, and fully crewed. Is it possible to social distance while racing? Whats your club doing?
  6. I am absolutely shocked that Trump would take credit for someone else's achievements...shocked!
  7. The Obama administration had already turned over 10s of thousands of pages of documents and Holder had testified 11 times before congress. Obama drew the line about a specific conversation where he claimed executive privilege. Trump has never even claimed executive privilege on anything. He has claimed Absolute Immunity for the entire executive branch. Not a single Document, not a single witness. Never done before. This is Banana Republic behavior.
  8. No reason Israeli civilians should be put at risk because of this presidents' DumbAssery
  9. I dont believe under phrf we would be allowed a staysail. Are you saying that the benefits of leaving the jib up in 6-18knts is 2-3% At what range of TWA would you use it?
  10. It seems McConnell wants to keep this line of attack open for the president
  11. BURN!! I love it when a strong woman puts Trump in his place
  12. We have had the same problem numerous times while racing. We discovered that if we leave some backstay on we are usually fine. occasionally we have to overtension the halyard.
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