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  1. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for (and still available on Apple store, but not (?) for Android?
  2. Hey folks, I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find an app that I can log wind direction(s) pre-start. Seems a simple but useful task to 'automate'... log close-hauled or wind directions with automatic time stamp and be able to show something like a time trace of wind direction. I know some instruments can do this but anything for a smart phone or tablet?
  3. Thanks all - lots of great suggestions 3M Premium Marine Filler, black widow in quarts, burr on a drill... maybe still time to get some done this fall even. SurleySailor, your comment about the exterior seal and the X-Yachts construction made me quite nervous. Yes, the X34 has a iron and lead keel. This doesn't sound simple at all! I will have to investigate this further, but I think not this year. Is the sealant ring replaceable or is it all caulking and fairing? The joint between the keel and hull is really very well formed. Does this all need to be removed and replaced?
  4. I've got a new-to-me X-34 with a beautiful VC Offshore race bottom with a few imperfections. This includes a lobster pot gouge on the leading edge of the keel and a handful of spots where ocean life attached itself. I understand ultimately I will need to grind out these spots, fill with vinyl-ester resin (for an X-Yacht), fair, repaint and burnish. This will be all new to me so far from routine and a little intimidating. Also no quarts of VC Offshore so I'd be in for a $350 gallon. I'm wondering if its worthwhile for this level of maintenance. I want to keep the bottom in top s
  5. Hi all - question of main trim... I'm referring to generally light(er) winds, say 8-12 kts. I have an X-34... fractional rig with 106% blade, BIG mainsail. I typically go upwind with noted twist in the leach of my main. I've pulled it to align with centerline (often top telltale curls to leward) but found that the speed decrease outweighs the pointing benefit. It feels like the boat want to be sailed like a dinghy and 'comes to life' letting the leech breath some. Recently I've raced on a 41' boat with a similar rig (fractional with blade) and they are convinced to pull the m
  6. $2164 USD for a Stakpak system (and cover) from Doyle for an X-34 (long boom). I think I paid about $1500 for one for a different boat (35', but shorter boom) about 3 years ago from the same sailmaker. Prices are up in the US!
  7. Great work. Quality vids, highly informative and entertaining. Really sorry to see it didn't work out financially. I hope to see some in the future. They were really worthwhile.
  8. I'll take good care of her, Foxtrot! Come on up and show me how she likes it!
  9. Yes! Have you sailed on her or against her?
  10. Funny to see this string light up recently after going dormant. Timing is interesting - just about to close on a X-34. Uncommon boat here in the US. J109's at this time are just outrageously expensive. On the East Coast they are each going up by 10k over prior based on immediate sales - now WELL above $150k. I'm out of that money race. A good 36.7 is $80k ish - so not in the same price level at all. If I didn't find the X-, I would have gone 36.7 (masthead spinnaker, sprit, asyms). GREAT all-around boat. One of the great designs and commercial platforms of our day for sure. F
  11. Cast iron fin and a lead bulb? Would that create corrosion due to mixed metals? Pehr, do you have any corrosion on the steel fin? Does it require regular maintenance to keep the corrosion on the fin low (like I need to do on my Jeanneau!?!)
  12. That is absolutely the case. Alternatively, if there are sail combinations that would still allow a lively sail without the need for the weight. I can do without extra hands. The boats got to be configured to sail without movable ballast. While every picture I see of a 36.7 has 8 people aboard, owners have also told me how easy it is to sail singlehanded due to the cockpit layout and that it sails well with a #3 and full main. Under 8kts or so, I expect I'll play with the Code 0. Does that swing the pendulum one way or another? Are there other boats that either do well or poorly
  13. Interesting, Kinardly. I will have to look into it. I never considered upping the interior finished. Whatever I would do would have to be completely reversible of course... Hmmm.... (just took a look at the interior... small volume won't cut it and one thing she enjoys is preparing simple/picnic meals aboard. No go on the galley! )
  14. Thanks, Steele. I've also looked at the 99. Just doesn't hit it for me. Maybe too small? I also heard it doesn't sail to its rating, as does (doesn't?) the 110 which would otherwise be an option also.
  15. Thanks Alex. I haven't been on one for several year. Sounds like that would disqualify it right off for us. I'm coming from a beautiful Jeanneau, my wife wouldn't stand for it!
  16. Sorry for the topic - I know how some of you dislike these - but I'm trying to decide between buying a newer Bene 10r or an older 36.7. There's a lot of experience participating here and I really would like to know your thoughts. I am a very experienced shorthanded club PHRF racer, 1-2 nights/wk plus regattas, but also most often single-handed daysailing (with the race only happening in my head). With either I plan to use primarily a #3 and Code 0 on rollers and an A2, masthead in either case (no Class racing here). My wife isn't a sailor, so of course the interior needs to be nice eno
  17. Thanks, Cman. Do you singlehand the boat much? My kids are grown now and truth is for the most part the boat will be daysailed singlehanded (and a weekend couples camper). Yes - only one marina in the lake can handle sailboats of this size and its in a cove that I regularly read 6.6 / 6.8 ft. Marina warns at anything over 6'.
  18. Thanks, Jackdaw. I think if I do go the Beneteau route, I'd sail it with a 105%, fit it for a code 0 and an asym - AND - have lots of bank left over compared to the 109.
  19. Hi all - wracking my brain trying decide if the J109 is worth 50% more than the Bene 36.7. I do PHRF racing, short- or single- handed in generally light lake wind. I'm an engineer - 'technical' sailor - racing the polars and trimming sail all the time. We are limited to shoal draft for either (6' max on the lake) and there are few of each available now for sale. Anyone know how they do head-to-head? The PHRF is almost the same. Thanks for adding your thoughts and experiences!
  20. I'm a mechanical engineer working for a company that produces textiles and plastic films. I occasionally work on new (exotic) components for sail manufacturers. There's a TON of tech in sailmaking - structural analysis, aeromechanics, SAILING. We are also involved in composites for aerospace. I was able to apply some of the 3Di flexible composite (sail) concepts to a project we did for a project making process components for composite wings at Airbus. Both structural (rigid) composites and flexible composites (sails) are very complex with lots of progress to be made. Struct
  21. Thanks, Cmass. This weekend I was booking along with maybe 7 or 8 knots when a big black cloud appeared above us on the lake and I saw a big gust on the water ahead. I bore off to about 60-70 degrees, let off the main (dramatically) and loosened the jib. Wind hit at about 17-18, immediate roll to leeward (heel) followed by responding like a cork under water with the boat flying into and then through the wind. No chance in control at all. My wife screaming from down below how she'll never go sailing again (again ). I'm likely going to move on to my next boat. Got several in mind - -
  22. Hey everybody - I love the general physics of sailing discussion, but really appreciate the specific comments. I also like seeing the pic of my "Sugar Mountain" (you can't be 20..). I do love her, while she steps on her foot dancing once in a while, serves as a fantastic hotel and swim platform.
  23. The roller furler is actually very high which gives cruisers better visibility (I am told ). Jib could be in better shape - although I can flatten it out, the leach is starting to develop a permanent curl. Foot is pretty tight with the block in an aft posion.
  24. 20-30 degrees as measured from my rudder position sensor part of the autopilot. You can see relatively new sails - with the original sails it was virtually impossible to sail upwind at all.
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