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  1. I guess the statue of limitations is up on his many warrants? So he can return now? I am speculating on arrest warrants though.
  2. ericmmosher


    Can we get an American Translation?
  3. OK Here, I want to go on the trip. But not just my face, get the jacket too, the jacket will help us remember.... *yes that is really me, I am not sure what happened to my neck, I usually have one.
  4. OK Now that Vonn is back in port I can wast my time here. So I guess I'll go vod on the Reidtarded thing.
  5. Sorry, I am not going to read all 10,000 posts. Has anyone wondered if he is giving false postions and i actually "just ouside" a harbor someplace and at night they go into town and have drinks and a nice meal?
  6. So I tried to figure out what was so bad about the original post, and could figure it out. So this goes to prove what we already knew. fame and money don't make ya smart. Mix in a little (or big) EGO and you get this result. Congrats to Janer, nicely done. We all have been misunderstood on a web site before, but this one takes the cake, innocent comment to news paper articles. Wow I now have actually seen it all. and in the end all Dr. Laura has done is given you (janer) more street credit than Any amount of money can buy. Rock on, sister, rock on! On a sid
  7. $100 says that he kills her in her sleep, then has sex with the dead body and then throws dead body over the side. Reports her missing a few days later. Returns to port finds next victem and start 2000 day voyage.
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