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  1. Didn't realize he'd recycled that one. One thing I like about the guy is that he seems knowledgeable, a competent sailor, and he's self sufficient In any case, It popped up on my YouBoob choices and I looked yesterday. I watched his vids from his Covid isolation till his girl bailed a while back so the algorithm tagged me. I don't follow any of these. I watched "Stashe and Brow" in the beginning, got bored with them after they crossed from Panama to Oz, and I catch the occasional Delos or random others that I don't recall if I'm bored looking for distraction.
  2. Surviving a lightning strike I like this guy. He's pretty minimalist.
  3. I was crossing Long Island Sound on the ferry last week and was up on deck watching the sailboats out and about. Watched a Ketch flogging his mizzen to death...dude, trim it or bear off, really. (I think he was actually close hauled and couldn't trim the miz any further in.) Then there was the guy in cruising mode sailing close hauled who ducked the other ferry, altered course at least 20* and never trimmed out an inch and stayed on the new heading as far as I could tell. The one I have question about was a boat sailing with a chute up pretty much on a reach. I watched him for a while,
  4. I have a suspicion that the lighter foiling boats don't or won't handle the heavy seas and really high winds as well as the heavier older boats. Just look in the scrum behind the leaders, the older boats are holding their own in there. I also think that the skippers on the foilers know that they can and will pull away from the pack and as long as they don't break the boat pushing too hard now (there is one well funded program headed home for repairs as I write). In one of the updates today AT's Hub was showing 5+m seas, and I'm guessing in a TS they aren't just a following swell. I think i
  5. The avg wind speed for the last 4 hours reported on the ATR hub was 6.7kts with 2m waves at 2000, will be interesting to watch those numbers spool up over the next 24 hours while the pressure drops. Lots of info out there to play with this time around.
  6. Looking at his bios it looks like Alex has actually been sleeping some in the last 3 hours.
  7. Zoom in the tracker with wind layer turned on and it looks pretty close. The 115db number is the one that scares me. Three months in hearing protection doesn't "sound"* appealing. *insert groan for cheesy pun
  8. Once upon a time a long long time ago I served on subs as a Navy nuke. Pretty much anyone who has ever served in the engine room of a nuke sub has experienced extreme sleep deprivation at at some point. Most "normal" people haven't been through the wall at 36 to 48 hours. I hit 72 once with the kind of naps he's describing. I've literally fallen asleep standing up leaning against a bulkhead with my knees locked. My experience matches with what Alex is describing, and I wasn't doing anything nearly as complex as what he's doing. (yea, ok, it was running a reactor steam plant but it's still
  9. It's going to be interesting to see how far west they go to get behind the storm. I seem to remember last time someone sailed through the Azores getting south. Going to be sketchy for the next few days.
  10. What do the routing wizards think, the northern boats punch through the front, start to make South toward the Canaries and then catch the back side of the TD? Adds a lot of miles west but my simpleton guesses looks like it keeps them in the wind and at worst reaching and mostly to the stern where they like it. I really enjoy the armchair routing guessing.
  11. I'm finding the ZIngaro guy kind of cool. He does things wrong, gets stuff broken and gets it fixed, and as far as I've seen he's had 4 bikini's for crew in 5 months, and some come back.
  12. I'm impressed with the effort to generate that list. There are hours there just watching one vid from each. Oh yea, and OEM is better, but I'm fine with aftermarket, esp for the sake of appearances.
  13. I'm guessing that the fools from Sailing Mischief are right now aghast that they are having to pay for their rescue.... It ain't free....
  14. Some of the boats in this thread are so ugly to start with that the dodger is really hard to call out as out of place. If your boat looks like a shrimp boat to start with who cares if you build a wheelhouse on top of it. On the other hand, we have this. Every T52 ad on Yacht World quotes Bobs "one of the sweetest sheers ever drawn" comment on the boat. Making it look like a shrimp boat is pretty criminal.
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