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  1. Propulsion: https://annapolis.craigslist.org/bpo/d/falls-church-lot-of-15-british-seagull/7369475168.html
  2. I was about 14 when my dad pulled the Sunfish there, I went out solo, and was pushing the envelope (for a guy that age...) and flipped it over. I righted it in no time and was underway, when the Polezei* decided I was through sailing for the day. F#ck, I just proved my seamanship by getting an overturned boat back underway. I guess nobody told them that knocking down a dinghy is part of the sport and entirely expected. As soon as I could drive, Nocamixon, Marsh Creek, and the back bays of Sea Isle became the norm. We also went thru a Sea Snark for a while. It's a bit of a slow bath
  3. So - and I hope neither you nor anyone here gets in trouble with this virus - but if you do, we trust that you'll turn down any of the non-approved, experimental treatments that they're giving nearly every hospitalized COVID patient in the ICU's. For that matter, since you seem to deny the effacy of modern medicine, you'll stay home and save a bed for someone else. That's magnanimous of you. Truly, it is.
  4. My first re-entry back into boats larger than a Sunfish, c. 2006 was a P-17, so I know it well (and that's not one unless it's a 15). It sailed OK for something with flat, aluminum slats for CB & rudder [read: absolute pig upwind] but it got me on the water. The rudder is interesting. I also note that the centerboard control is a single cable, aided with a 3:1 purchase on it. That may mean that it's weighted a little bit for all that it would do other than go down by itself. And yeah, the seller says the rig's Al-ewe-mineum.
  5. Juan more for the identification's sake - look familiar to anyone? The aluminum trailer is certainly nice enough. The lines are shit and it needs some clean-up, but it's within what I can put back into the hobby these days. Blocks and lines I can upgrade easily enough. https://easternshore.craigslist.org/boa/d/sherwood-sailboat/7368522287.html
  6. Not very much to go on, here. It would be interesting to know what it is. https://easternshore.craigslist.org/boa/d/sherwood-sailboat/7368522287.html
  7. Yes, well, "Jenna", an ER nurse since 2015 would not be my unqualified source for authoritative medical advice, either. I'd want to ask how many COVID patients in her facility, were vaccinated.
  8. The huge fly in the ointment with that is that hospitals are too full to take care of people who ALSO need an ICU for non-covid illnesses. Until the un-vaxxed are triaged to hospice care rather than affording them the very level of medical care they've already shunned, our system will remain heavily taxed in ways that are detrimental toward those who had no choice to be in a hospital, otherwise. Never mind that we have millions of unprotected, walking incubators strutting around refusing to be "muzzled" by face coverings, spreading this shit. No vax? Fine. Your choice. Doctors ought
  9. Another candidate has come up, a Sumner Islands 15. I only found one review of it (sailnet) which says it doesn't point worth shit. Well, after a Harpoon with NACA foils, that might be a tough act to follow with anything less than a racing sled anyway. Thoughts on the Islands 15?
  10. Anyone try one of these before? https://reading.craigslist.org/boa/d/gilbertsville-12-foot-sailing-dingy/7360246469.html
  11. ^ Well, as said, even a pocket cruiser is out of the question. On the matter of a zippy boat, there's a few on Crsigslist worth looking at.
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