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  1. Always the good ones get this stuff, rarely the pedos or wife beaters. God damnit.
  2. I learned that in Mass Media school - a powerful concept that too many ignore or won't hear (see). Ditto for red hats and, to some extent, grey-scale US flags with one blue stripe across at the middle.
  3. I count six. Edit - Fuque, someone beat me two it. Speaking of "two", here: laugh at a cute [likely drunk or high] chick -
  4. Sorry I'm late. Try not to slop up your screen too bad -
  5. She could sure change my religion. Of course, a guy could catch sumpin'.
  6. Well, I'm pro-birth control. Does that help?
  7. Yeah, well, that Instagram short shows an outstanding set of thighs and sweet crotch for one that has spit out three kids.
  8. All the more reason not to waste it away on doing what other means can accomplish, so that we have a lasting source for those things only oil can make.
  9. That looks not unlike some "experiments" out in the back yard. Maybe bigger.
  10. Who was it from here, who made a field trip to a fishing page and trolled the shit out of them? I recall the gag was asking the best bait to use for catching strippers [i.e. "stripers]. One guy did come back and say that dollar bills seemed to work well for him. I hope that guy did better than Miss Blue Waffle above...
  11. It's a wonder that she can see the keys. She may have to do it all by, um...... feel.
  12. Dudes should have gone to Massachusetts, D.C., Chicago, Maryland, or elsewhere that self-defence is frowned upon. Tennessee? Um, no.
  13. ^ OK, who hacked Snagg's's account?
  14. So, that's what "Oh, FUCK!!" sounds like in Ukrainian.
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