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  1. Juicers, tankless water heaters, and water softeners... not much for sailing content from this one.
  2. Out of curiosity, why is that? Slips, yard storage, etc make sense for LOA, but for other services like bottom paint packages and underwater hull cleaning, I would think LWL would make much more sense. Or is this one of those it's always been done that way sort of things. Say my 30 footer has the same LWL as another 35 footer with longer overhangs. Is the level of effort to do the 35 footer that much different given the LWL is the same?
  3. I'm about 90 episodes behind on most of the longer running podcasts that I listen to, so I haven't gotten to the co-captains doing them yet. Otherwise, I agree about Andy and his style. I tend to listen to the various podcasts in my feed in 5 episode blocks which lets me mix up styles and topics pretty easily and it sometimes takes a bit for me to get back to a podcast after I finish a block. CSM's podcast style is a bit like his youtube videos, a bit of a yard sale at times, but I enjoy them.
  4. The only sailing podcasts that I've stuck with are the ones from 59 degree north (On the Wind Sailing, Sailing Stories, and The Quarterdeck) and also the Mariner Podcast. I've tried a few others, but haven't kept up with them for various reasons. On the Wind is mostly interviews with other sailors but occasionally they will talk to someone who is just interesting to the host. Sailing stories is season long readings of a sailing related book. I think they have done three at this point. The Quarterdeck is mostly how the host thinks about his sailing, career in sailing, etc. Bef
  5. I always cringe a bit when I read that or see pictures like that of ball turrets under B-17's. My grandfather was a ball turret gunner on one. He often recalled the missions he flew, where they went, but mostly who didn't come back. As far as I know he never flew again after he came home. He also didn't drink and said he never had much interest in it after watching others in his unit drink themselves into oblivion between missions. I had a chance to fly on one of the B-17's that does the US airshow circuits a few years ago and spoke to the crew chief about my grandfather's service. He to
  6. We've had some bad seasons with hard growth here on the Chesapeake. I also probably don't always use my boat enough. Those two things combined and I've had the occasional issue and figured it would be worth mentioning. Still way better than needing to set the prop on the Martec or having one blade not come out.
  7. Nice Pokey. I was going to ask about the 1/4" inch for that line. If I recall correctly mine is 5/16" Sta-Set and I'd like to go up a size for a bit better feel. I'm usually doublehanding when racing so I'm often trimming main while driving and I'd like something a bit larger and maybe softer? for when the wind picks up. I think my loop is on the long side too, I just haven't decided on how much shorter I want to make it. Under our usual lighter conditions on the Chesapeake, the line I have now is just fine though. The guy I bought my boat from couldn't figure out how to get to the
  8. I'm pretty sure that it's common around here. Ours allows it, but the larger marinas next door do not, supposedly due to liability concerns. Our water is so murky that you can't see much in the slip and have a little better chance of seeing what you are doing at anchor. Not sure if I could tell if I succeeded in folding the prop with a boat hook. I'd be just kind of stabbing around by feel.
  9. Pokey, I'll be interested to hear your experience with the long splice going through the blocks and if it causes you any issues. I've always just used knots and I have just used polyester double braid. Next time I replace it, I'll probably look for something a size larger and has better feel though and the control DPX was on my "look into" list.
  10. Sure, but how do you do that? Dive on the boat after each sail to manually close the prop? Unfortunately that just isn't practical for most users. If your marina even allows you to dive on your boat in the slip, which many don't.
  11. Not the greatest picture, but this is what came standard on these boats. Harken traveler car late 80's early 90's. So unless Pokey or a PO has upgraded, then this is probably what he has. You tie or splice the ends of your traveler line to the little metal loop on top of the block. I've been wary about taking out those machine screws that hold everything down, but if whatever those thread into is captive, then taking off the loops, doing your splices and then putting it back together wouldn't be too bad. I've just used knots.
  12. Same boat and probably the same hardware. I thought about splices here, but I just use as tight of a bowline that I can tie to each side of the car. The distance between the stopper on each end of the traveler and the turning block is enough that I don't lose any range of motion. Plus I can easily remove the line in the winter and replace it with out going through a lot of effort. Just a thought.
  13. I was at the same decision point about 6 years ago. Wanted to change from an undersized Martec to a newer style geared folder. Was leaning towards Flex-O-Fold but went to the Annapolis boat show and talked to Martec, Flex-O-Fold, and Gori. Martec guys were great and answered all my questions. Guy from AB Marine who is the US rep for Gori was great and took a lot of time explaining the prop and even compared it to their other offerings while his booth was really busy. Flex-O-Fold guy could be barely bothered to talk to me even with an empty booth. His pitch was, Flex-O-Fold is the best, an
  14. I like it so far as well, and I appreciate Kristian jumping into the conversation. Part of me wants something somewhere in between the First version and the Seascape version though. I like to keep things complicated... not in the market for a new boat anytime soon though.
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