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  1. I have this problem as well. It has gotten a bit better since our slip neighbor got a bigger boat, so now the guts and crab parts are spread between us instead of just being on my boat.
  2. Thanks for posting Boomer. I hope Mrs IB can get her asking price. I recall the boat to be well sorted and well taken care of and someone will get a great boat.
  3. Yeah, if you happen to be at HHN either in the water or on the hard, that WM is way too convenient. The Deale hardware store has better prices on most stuff, and a much better SS hardware selection than WM.
  4. I've had that happen when backpacking in hot weather. Lots of water but getting typical dehydration symptoms. It was definitely a lack of salt. I had sweated it out and hadn't been replacing it. Some trail mix, some beef jerky, and I was back in business pretty quick. It's something I've watched pretty carefully when active in hot weather since. Especially when working below on the boat in the summer.
  5. I flew airTran a lot back in the early 2000's Decent little budget airline. I miss them and Midwest Express.
  6. I ended up just buying one of these when they were on sale. https://www.amazon.com/Crescent-CTK170CMP2-Mechanics-Tool-170-Piece/dp/B00F4AVRGW/ref=asc_df_B00F4AVRGW/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309811990469&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14885490337408803616&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9008135&hvtargid=pla-435326060771&th=1 I took all the 1/2" socket stuff out since I don't typically need it on the boat but for not a lot of money it has most of what I need. The slip joint and needle nose pliers will start
  7. From the article... yeah... serious stuff. Less than 10 pounds of the devices were transferred into a semitruck, which Moore said was rated, with its outer containment shell, to handle 18 pounds.
  8. Apparently they hauled off the majority of the fireworks. They supposedly only detonated about 10lbs of home made explosives in the truck.
  9. pretty sure that's from zombeavers... It was worth a laugh or two.
  10. Likewise, and also a few years back. I had a few questions on the J36 and after a couple emails back and forth with someone they put me in touch with Alan Johnstone, who did his best to answer my questions and he made sure they sent me scans of the brochures they had.
  11. I've sailed a Catalina 30 and a few other Catalinas. They aren't bad boats at all. The 30s are pretty well behaved and have a lot of space below. I still wish you had kept your last 30 footer.
  12. Onan has been a Cummins brand for years and you can still get their home generators although I think they are mostly branded as Cummins now. I haven't dealt with the smaller home generators in some time, but their commercial stuff has stayed high quality. It looks like they still have several Cummins "Onan" models on their website though.
  13. If you are looking at those options, the B&G Vulcan is pretty good too. Their Zeus series is more capable, but also more expensive.
  14. Back when I used to backpack somewhat regularly, the general rule of thumb was "2 means you" so single serving packages weren't worth buying, and you'd drop a 2 serving package by yourself to get the calories.
  15. I'm sure the black box audio unit is pretty nice, but before you drop that coin, take a look at some of the new "car stereo" options. We just put in a Sony marine unit and it is pretty good for what it is. It has a Bluetooth connection to my phone so I can stream music through any apps or libraries there and I can receive and take calls from it just like being in the car. It has a USB input on the front where I have a mini USB stick plugged in with days worth of music on MP3. That and decent new speakers (and wires) and it was a massive improvement over what it replaced. All that and I d
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