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  1. Come on Hobot, you can beat this thing. Thanks for keeping us up to date Boomer.
  2. Take a look at the manuals for the B&G stuff. Our Vulcan has a race line function and we can input a polar table to it as well. I haven't used it in anger, and I know it won't be as fast or as good as an H5000, but it's there, and may be good enough.
  3. Thanks for letting us know Boomer. Get well soon Hobot! We're all pulling for ya.
  4. Wow, boat is looking great. I'm really impressed with how well you did with the stripes.
  5. I think it depends on which version of cooling your 3GM30 has. Our 2GM20F doesn't have any anodes. Apparently the heat exchanger materials don't require it for the freshwater cooled versions. Supposedly the raw water versions do require them though.
  6. Hope you and Mrs. Bull like it. What you ordered sounds similar to what we have minus the allergy seal. If it starts to smell musty, there is a washable foam filter under the cartridge that needs the occasional washing out.
  7. From looking into it a few years ago I vaguely recall there were slight copper content differences between Pro and SR and different shades of the colors but I could be remembering wrong. May have just been a price difference. I do recall the version of SR with Ingarol had a different product number than the version without and Defender made a point to note the differences. Out of curiosity, I just checked the Petit website and it looks like the current data sheets for Pro and SR look the same, SR now has one version (with Ingarol), and there is an HD version which has a slightly lower co
  8. We were talked into a Tillerclutch at their booth at the first Annapolis Sailboat Show we attended after buying our boat. It is a great alternative to an AP and even now that we've added an AP to the boat, I still use it often to hold the tiller in place for quick stuff when I am hand steering. It's well made and has been trouble free for the past 10 years or so we've had it on the boat. Great bit of kit. 100% recommend.
  9. I'm sure if it were mine, I'd spend most of my time cleaning mud out of all those openings. It is pretty though.
  10. seems I should be doing more with our head. It gets minimal use, but still. Thanks for the suggestions Ish!
  11. Thanks! I'll add that to my spring commissioning list.
  12. where exactly do you squirt the lube in? We have one that came with the boat, but it's been trouble free other than replacing the joker valve when we changed hoses.
  13. Interesting. I hadn't considered that the wheel would help more with spin halyards. My understanding is that it, like the restrainer, add a bit of separation between the headstay and the halyard to reduce the potential for wraps. As far as installation, the wheels typically go above the foil on the headstay so you have to go up the rig to install them. Sorry. On our Harken MKIV, on a masthead rig, I don't have issues with furling or unfurling, but I do have to be very careful with the spin halyards, so maybe a wheel would help in my case. If I recall the Facnor comes with the wheel
  14. Doesn't the donut above the top swivel serve as a halyard restrainer? Is there any friction along the furling line/webbing back to the cockpit or a bad lead into the drum?
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