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  1. This past weekend, Dad at the helm, a lovely day on the lake to close out the summer
  2. Federal. PS, we are Canada, we do provinces not states. Pleasure Craft Operators Card Pleasure Craft Operators Card FAQ
  3. and that's a wrap, at least for criminal proceedings Verdict has been handed down, and she's been found not guilty.
  4. Toronto, base population 2.2M, 5M if you look at the greater Toronto Area. Ontario is just shy of 85% first dose and 79% fully dosed for qualified people. We just introduced "passport" requirements that will kick in two weeks hence, this is driving some of the resistant to get shot up so they can dine indoors and use gyms and night clubs. Some Ethnic minority regions of the city have the lowest and slowest uptake rates on vaccine, generally being affluent seems to correlate to getting the jab quickly and without protest. They have also had the highest rates of infection the entire ti
  5. Did the SI's have anything about COVID related policy? I would have thought being in contravention of that might be a start to filing a complaint. In the absence of something stated in the SI's I would imagine however that the host club has / had some kind of policy in place and that would prevail. You could take the angle that this is a form of "assault" on other competitors and as such would be grounds for a rule 69 thing. That having been said, I hate that idea because it opens the door to every kind of snowflake claiming something or another is an "assault" on them. e.g. "words are vi
  6. You might consider these boards for your trip up and down the locks. The lock walls can get kind of rough in places.
  7. I've done from Sorel Quebec to Lake Ontario, motoring as we had the rig on the deck for going up the smaller canals like the Champlain system. We got to Montreal in the early evening and were able to sneak in within 5 minutes of arriving at the lock, had we not it might have been an 8 hour wait. So we found being attentive and acting like professionals is very helpful to your progress. The first lock talks to the rest of the locks about what is coming and making a good impression helps for sure in getting quick passage with the powers that be. Night is best for the locks in my experience
  8. In my experience with Lakers and barges in confined quarters, it's always seemed easiest to simply have a handheld VHF in the cockpit and to use it. That and be prepared to fire up the engine if there is any doubt about keeping the situation under control. We do a TGIF in the cruising beast and the race takes us through a constrained channel from harbor to lake often in light air with 50 boats trying to sneak up the channel. A few weeks ago we had that situation and I insisted to my father who was driving (80, somewhat obstinate) that we would fire up the engine if required to maintain st
  9. Did someone say my name? Toronto Harbor has a similar problem now, too much weed in the water and never enough over the water despite the proliferation of pot shops in the City. Learn to back down and keep someone looking forward to avoid the worst of it. After the race, I tend to use a pipe or three papers to roll a fat one, seems to keep the weed off my foils, err, shit, already missed 4:20 today. YMMV
  10. What ropetrick said is precisely what is in the manual. Shut down the engine, then turn off the key.
  11. My 4 cyl Yanmar prefers that I apply throttle when starting. Cold out?, give her, hot out?, half way throttle. As soon as it fires I back it down to idle and give it a minute to compose itself. Yanmars want to come up to proper operating temperature for optimal performance so it's not the end of the world to give it a little extra before you put her into gear. It may take 15 minutes of running kind of hard to actually get to that OPTIMAL temperature. You can run it as less than optimal and that's ok, it's just not optimal. Once you get her going, put some load on it and let her rip.
  12. On the 8 when I was on the bow managing a tow, it was always our line, but if the boat doing the towing was not paying attention to my call on when to drop it, I would just dump the line and get it back from them later. Same for taking on the tow, I'd always throw and tell the tow boat to just make it down, and I would manage the load being applied on my end as I simply don't trust other people to do it right. Helps to have a long tow line, be well practiced in heaving and have a good command voice in those situations. Power boaters have no sense for how little friction sail boats h
  13. Agreed. For my first voyage of the year, from the crane launch to the dock, I always make sure the sails are bent on and the ultimate redundancy of the anchor is rigged and ready to be deployed. If the engine shits the bed, you can always drop the hook and take the time to come up with an alternative plan of action knowing you won't become a decoration on a lee shore somewhere. These days I often have the dinghy in tow as well and on an occasion where the engine went sideways it was called into action for a side tow to the dock. That is it's own skill set to properly position the dinghy a
  14. Dumb virtue signaling is what this is. Some romantic nostalgic BS Like so many Rousseau return to nature follies that people indulge these days. The energy would be far better spent on making today's tech more efficient and less pollution oriented. Sure sail assist would be helpful for part of some voyages but even then we have pesky things like bridges and cranes to unload TEU's in ports and we've made a system vastly more efficient overall by creating TEU's (Sea-cans) in the first place. Globally we have an integrated network that has minimum specs for depth, width, crane access and so
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