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  1. Talk to Buzz Ballenger he is in No Cal, can ship the rod coiled up, no problem. Yes! Change the rod after 10 years is a must.
  2. Knew I should have purchased a convertible!!
  3. Wow! I bet that's a cheap slip! No need for a diver either.
  4. If it was an M16, it would be pretty useless. I am told (somebody correct me) that at 2800 to 3000 ft per second, the bullet would disintegrate on hitting the water, and a handgun at 900 to 1000 fps would have better water penetration, might even of hit the shark. Still, glad no one was hurt!!! Like to know if that is correct. I carry my handgun on the boat for this reason.
  5. That is one of her nine lives gone. Very lucky girl!!! Excellent seamanship!
  6. The pins in the track are supposed to snug up against the rectangular block on the bottom of the mast. Shroud and headstay tension hold the mast in place. Don't allow the mast to jump out of the fitting, could be embarrassing. At least that's what they did in the old days when ships were wood and men were iron.
  7. The idea is that, as you pump, the rear facing exit pipe give us us forward motion! Motion,,,, get it? Motion!
  8. Looks like the same fabric as #One sails. Like RipStop. I have a head sail in that. Not what I would call high end.
  9. Elan have a big range, sailing ability depends on which model. I have an Elan 384 Impression, (California) Build quality is above average, very comfortable, but even with a vertical battened main, it is not the best sailor. True, I have a fixed three bladed prop on the sail drive, but this boat is not quick. Wife loves it for all the cruising reasons. Ours is 2013 and in very good shape. As good as a Bene, perhaps not as good as a Jenneau.
  10. I am very glad to hear that no one was hurt. How ling had you had the boat? I don't like the sound of "usually fin and bulb go together" is this normal with Elliotts??? I am still looking for a sprit boat in this range, but I think this might have put me off.

  11. Last weekend the keel bulb dropped off my Elliott 770 - 1994 -Hull EM 003 when we were returning from a race - we were 5 miles offshore. I have since found that this is extremely unusual (usually fin and keel go together when keel bolts fail). However, we have evidence of other similar failures with Elliott boats. The boat turned 180 degrees and we luckily were spotted and rescued..

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