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  1. Nope. https://youtu.be/jP7rWubGNOI
  2. Yes. A legend, but not so lucky in the VG.
  3. And Credit Mutuel is a Raison design. Banque du Léman is Manuard, (M)iffy.
  4. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/17727/alan-roura-has-replaced-his-damaged-rudder
  5. And if you are old fashioned, you do it with two Prusik slings.
  6. Burton 80nm behind the leader. After a 5h penalty. Impressive
  7. Normally, I like NZers. But you, you are an asshole.
  8. I think she had problems with a car or the hook of the main. Update: She had doubts about she correct function of the hook (see her FB site).
  9. Yupp. Also possible in VLC if you open the stream. VLC really shines with extensions like image enhancement etc.
  10. VLC, a marvelous piece of open source.
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