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  1. A technical correction - AM came after a hiatus of 18 years, not "over 30." NYYC challenged in 2000 and 2003 (back when there were not just multiple challengers, but multiple American teams made up of mostly American sailors).
  2. Put it this way: there's intercollegiate nordic and alpine skiing in the US - it has virtually nothing to do with Olympic development. From a brief search of the 2018 US Olympians, it appears that the overwhelming majority deferred or skipped a traditional college education or went to a specialized college for skiing. So you can easily have both tracks for sailing if there was the will and funding. My feeling is that we shouldn't mess with collegiate sailing. While it no longer is sufficient training for our Olympians, we shouldn't be chasing the elite at the expense of the 98% of collegiate s
  3. Let's talk about why we have high school and college sailing. Like all high school and college sports, it exists to provide students with an extracurricular activity. Even in the major revenue sports, the vast majority of athletes are there to have a competitive outlet and belong to a team while they're at school. For all of us not destined for elite-level sailing (or, as I said earlier in the thread, team racing) it serves us well. I credit high school sailing with getting me into racing. I was never really that into it through junior sailing, really liking the idea of daysailing and cru
  4. I'm with you there. I think college sailing ought to have a "high performance" discipline in the same way they sponsor singlehanded and keelboats. The thing is that you're never going to get rid of the 420/FJ because that's what gets you your critical mass for the sport. For us scrubs it was great.
  5. Easy there. Another huge difference between then and now, as discussed on this thread, is that you can't mount a competitive Olympic campaign these days without intensive and expensive coaching. It used to be that if you were a good sailor, you just supported yourself, sailed your tail off, and you had a shot. Not so anymore. The talent level is much higher. It's really the same everywhere - look at football, where kids are going to these specialized sport factory high schools so that they can go to a top football college and get noticed by the NFL scouts. I also find it humorous that you
  6. IC37 fleets would form to support a niche match racing event? Seems like putting the cart before the horse.
  7. Took me a long time to realize that the best gloves are good core layers. Overheat your core and your extremities tend to keep circulation. I go with Atlas Therma Fits for gloves.
  8. I was referring to the general aphorism stating that "design by committee" is a bad thing. Head games are always part of the Cup, no matter how stupid. Would the result been any different in '83 if they didn't tarp KA6's keel? Who knows, but it was certainly a distraction for the other teams.
  9. Who said that design by committee was a bad idea? I like that they supposedly were able to plant the rumor that they were going to San Diego with NZL 20 because the new builds were failures.
  10. OK, I'll eat my words - they won their class in Bayview-Mac last year. Still though, it really seems like the boat is designed into the inshore corner of the box.
  11. I mean, they had a match. Was the failure that more teams didn't line up to challenge/defend?
  12. It does come off as the sort of boat you'd get if you wanted a modernized take on the Farr 40 class, based it on the current generation of inshore TP52s, and then nerfed it. The boat for someone who wants to race inshore with a big team but doesn't want something too tweaky or complicated. I agree that my image of a "sportboat" ends with the Melges 32 size. To me a sportboat is a small-ish, light keelboat with a planing hull and lots of canvas. The IC37 is slower and more tactical, not that this is always a bad thing. They're great as loaner boats for a top-level amateur inshore event, which i
  13. Depends how quick it gets up on a plane, I guess. A pet peeve of mine is displacement boats that fly a-sails on W/L courses for no reason other than convenience. Either train your foredeck or race jib and main.
  14. Jeez, can we not speculate without evidence about one of the 18 teams that was at the event? I don't think Techscore is going to solve the case. I get that we want answers but do we want to be the r/findbostonbombers of sailing?
  15. Ah. We're too far north to be threatened with such riffraff
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