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  1. I'd like to see a dedicated team racing event, honestly. With a good on-the-water graphics package it should be somewhat easy to follow, and broadcasters like tournament formats with definitive finals (which is why it was a boneheaded idea to dump match racing). The drawback is that team racing isn't very well developed outside the US, UK, Aus, and NZ, which a shame because it's so dang fun to do.
  2. Oh yeah, my point wasn't that it's not worth it to invest in youth sailing, just that the "yield" (number of kids that stay on to sail as adults) will probably always be single digits.
  3. What's the yield on any extracurricular, though? How many band kids still play instruments regularly as adults?
  4. Competition and community. I've lived in a couple of different places, and seeking out the local sailing community has always led to friendships wherever I go. Beyond that, I'm one of those people who gets satisfaction from mastering the operation of a machine. Spending those long winter nights that pay off when the boat loads up under sail. That feeling you get when you're higher and faster off the line.
  5. Grew up in Durham, am a Pettipaug alum but haven't lived in the area for 10 years. At least at the time of my departure PYC had the best reputation of any youth program in the Central LIS area. Also not as cliquey as some other junior programs, which would be a plus for a transfer. I joined the program late (12-ish) and still have friends from those summers. Yale might be a good option too. That's where I did my first two years. My biggest problem with their program was at least at that time they started everyone off in 420s, which was a little unwieldly for 9 and 10 years olds but should
  6. What do you want to do with the boat? The Etchells and Alerion are two very different boats built for different purposes. If you're in the PNW and want a classic-looking racer, I'd go for a 6 Metre. If you want a daysailer that you can sail shorthanded, yeah, these newer designs with modern deck layouts and self-tacking jibs, etc... are probably the way to go.
  7. I dunno, based on my experience in the nonprofit association world, you have to have a high GAS (give a shit) factor for the community you're supporting. Usually that means hiring from the community for the top spots. It can be a guy who just sails their Sunfish at the lake house every summer, but they have to have to be invested in serving the sport beyond it just being their job. I realize this can keep the organization closed off from new ideas, but you'd think among the entire sailing community there would be someone with the requisite skills and vision.
  8. They're used on E-Scows too. The jib tracks are transverse and there's no barber hauler, so track position controls angle of attack, hole position together with sheet tension controls shape.
  9. The biggest thing I can't get over with IOR boats is the aspect ratio of the main. I have an early MORC design, inspired by CCA boats of the 50s. Seems like MORC produced nicely-proportioned boats for its whole run.
  10. Does anyone actually think IOR boats are beautiful? I feel like the nostalgia is similar to why 90s cars are gaining popularity - ugly as sin, but we have good memories of them. I'll take CCA all the way - the last offshore rule that produced honest racer-cruisers, and good-looking ones at that.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Next question: here is a photo of one of the toerail’s bolt holes (there’s also a self-tapping screw in the shot, ignore that). As you can see it is along the seam I want to seal. If I 5200 the joint, I would want to separately bed the rail for ease of removal later (I don’t want to repeat the splintery mess I just dealt with taking it off). How to do this? Stop at every screw hole and switch to a low-adhesive sealant for bedding? Does butyl tape seal on top of 5200?
  12. Barr was a pioneer as one of the first professional yacht racers. By the way - we think that hired guns are new in the Cup, but back then many of the American campaigns were Scottish-crewed. In an effort to respond to criticism (everything old is new again) and have an "All American" crew, the 1895 and 1899 campaigns were crewed by lobstermen from Deer Isle, Maine. "Deer Isle's Undefeated America's Cup Crews" is a really nice, short Kindle read if you want to know more. I have to say Coutts, though. The thing Coutts has that Barr doesn't is that two of his three Cups were won as the chall
  13. I've never read a satirical article that I agreed with so much.
  14. Right, but even with a low adhesive sealer I'll have to repeat the ordeal I'm currently undertaking of sanding sealer out of the wood, and if I'm unlucky dealing with spintering from removal. If I have to, I will, but a non-adhesive bedding is appealing.
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