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  1. Congratulations team! That simple question yielded not only an answer, but a heap of other fun stuff for newbies to learn from - complete with photos of yachting's heyday! Fuck there must be some old bastards here!
  2. I appreciate the point you are making trt, and not looking for an argument, but in my view posting here, where other disaffected Australian sailors are also involved, is probably more effective than a single lonely voice in the wilderness trying to sway AS. They have shown they are consistently able to ignore such bleatings and proceed with their plans despite any grumbles from the masses. And while SA is somewhat notorious, it also is a forum that is ignored at the ignorer's peril - not everything here is irreverant or irrelevant, and there's a reason grs is here. The posters in this t
  3. Fair enough Rambler, but I do try to remain respectful while hoping that grs is authorised by his employer to engage here to an extent - much like Jen was when she posted here as a representative of the IRC office. I try to encourage grs to explain to us the reasons behind the various AS policies to which some of us take umbrage. If indeed he is not authorised to do so, perhaps you are right that it's still better that he is here than not - I'd just like to encourage more meaningful engagement if that's not asking too much.
  4. Shaggy, rather than defence and justification, I find most of his responses to be supercilious - he doesn't (usually) bother to defend or justify. The rose-coloured glasses post was an exception. Maddening, especially when you consider where his salary comes from. @grs, could I ask that you either treat posters with some respect or quit the platform, but please don't continue to act in a manner unbecoming to a conversation between adults, such as liking posts that are critical of AS while refusing to address the substantive issues raised. Thanks.
  5. You have missed the point that everyone here is trying to make - AS may indeed be going from strength to strength, but sailing as a sport is not! AS is thriving at the expense of it's constituent base!
  6. No, but I know of a couple of clubs that are content to go along with it. In one case I don't think any real thought has gone into the matter - that club holds the attitude that if AS makes a rule, the club will comply. The other club may have undergone a bit more critical analysis, but is constantly chasing membership so hopes it may have a positive spin-off.
  7. That's an awesome set of rose-coloured glasses you've got on! Yes, I prefer the discourse be public as other anarchists are interested also in the discussion. You must be puzzled by the disconnect between your insider view and the almost universal dissatisfaction with AS expressed by posters here. How can you say "safety is on point" while promoting 5 hours of motoring endurance "away from danger"? And while "helping thousands of people become coaches, instructors or race officials" sounds laudable, an alternative view is that AS have created an income stream for themselves run
  8. Hey @grs , you asked, I answered. It would be polite for you to address the response …
  9. It's a fine place to live, so the locals say .
  10. The blades on that ceiling fan look odd - do they move much air?
  11. The second is often said about Singapore, but I have been there many times and I thoroughly enjoy the place. I've been to many cities in SE Asia and there are few I disliked (Bandar Seri Bagawan comes to mind). Singapore IS different, but not soulless IMHO. Dubai, on the other hand ...
  12. Thanks Glen, I appreciate that you "reached out" as they say. The MA comment was apropos his - shall we say, "apparent influence" within AS. How's the MH thing going? I have put my name and details out publicly here in the past, so that doesn't worry me, except that MA IS in a position to cause harm to someone from my family, so I'll lay low ATM. The MH thing indicates that he has a propensity to be spite driven. That said, I doubt it would take much to work it out. Probably nearly 20 years ago I attended several AYF (as it was) meetings as a delegate. I had a particular in
  13. I have a hard enough time getting aboard the plane in the first place, although they tell me it's perfectly safe - they've never left one up there!
  14. Not quite - Mich Desjoyeaux (La Professor) on New Year's Day 2000, near New Zealand.
  15. Scan, you won't find anyone more rabid than I am about primary safety (the ability to sail out of problems), but having lost 2 masts without injury (one in Bass Strait and the other in the Arafura Sea), I know that 5 hours motoring time is laughable when you need secondary means of propulsion. I agree with pulpit - it's bad seamanship, no matter what the rules say.
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